We have assembled a list of best fruits and vegetables for weight loss. We assure you that without them every weight loss diet is incomplete.

They are guaranteed to aid in the weight loss process. Incorporate them with your exercise regime, and you’ll undoubtedly shed pounds.

Most of the foods that we are going to mention in this list are already popular choices for people indulged in weight loss practices.

These wholesome fruits will also keep unnecessary cravings at bay.

If you’re finally making the wise choice of shifting to a healthy lifestyle, the foods that we are going to mention here will kick-start your journey to optimal physical and mental form and shape.

Watermelons, red cabbage, Eggplant

Foods replete with water are excellent choices for weight loss. Some recent researches have shown that people who eat foods having higher water content had comparatively less body mass and narrow waistlines.

Many gym trainers recommend eating foods, such as watermelons, eggplant, red cabbage, and peppers, because of their relatively higher water percentage.

As the body gets filled up with water, it gives you a feeling of fullness and deters the idea of eating more.

Make sure to incorporate these vegetables and fruits in your daily diet to have better weight-loss results.

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All kinds of berries, whether they are raspberries, blueberries or strawberries are rich in polyphenols and other natural miraculous compounds that can burn a significant amount of fat in considerably less time and stop the fat forming process altogether.

A Texas University study showed that mice that were fed berries three times a day experienced a 73 percent decrease in fat cell formation.

Another study done by the University of Michigan showed rats that were given meals mixed with blueberry powder had a relatively less fat content in their bodies, as compared to mice that were placed on a berry-free diet.

Pink Lady Apples

Apples are loaded with fibres, which are known for their astounding ability to burn visceral fat.

A recent study showed that a 10-gram increase in fibre intake per day decreased levels of visceral fat by 3.7 percent over the course of five years.

Pink lady apples are exclusively replete with fibre content, and their daily intake can improve your physical shape considerably.


Your body’s fat burning performance experiences a massive boost if you consume half a grapefruit before a meal.

If you’re intent on eating a fat-rich meal or are having a cheat meal, then eating a grapefruit prior can somewhat alleviate the effects of the fat on the body.

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The wondrous phytochemicals found in grapefruits are behind grapefruit’s amazing ability to burn fat.

However, you need to be extra caution while consuming grapefruit because phytochemicals can have a negative response to some medications.

If you’re not taking any medications and have gotten the green light from your physician, take half a grapefruit before a morning meal, and you’ll see noticeable positive results in your weight.

This list of best fruits and vegetables for weight loss will kick that bad-fat out of your body and make you healthy and happy.