Chakra imbalance is a regular occurrence.  Minor mental and environmental triggers can block your chi flow. Chakras perform various functions to keep us physically and mentally healthy.

If a chakra gets permanently blocked, it can have drastic effects on our overall health.

Keeping our chakras balanced and flowing holds paramount importance because they regulate vital physical and physiological functions of the human body.

There are specific measures you can take to align the misaligned chakras. They won’t require the services of a Reiki master or a spiritual healer.

You need mental resilience to pull them off. How to balance your chakras on your own? Here are some useful methods.

Treat yourself with foods that have a proven track record of restoring your chakras. Adopt a healthy lifestyle for extended benefits.

These foods will heal you and keep the chakra destroyers at bay. Almonds, vegetables, pomegranates, black tea, coconuts, and other healthy foods, all fall into the category of chakra balancers.

Refrain from overeating and eating processed foods. They can block your chakras in a heartbeat.

Connect with other people through your mind. Give rise to a feeling of unity. Make yourself believe that we have all originated from a single source, and are all equal.

Allow love and light to pour into your spiritual being. Recount yourself the true purpose of your existence. You’re here to give and receive love in abundance.

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You need to convince yourself mentally that your ego is not higher than your power to love.

If you follow these instructions, you are going to sap the powers of your ego and reinstate the reign of love inside your head.

You’re going to accept yourself as you are made and others around you, giving you a feeling of inner peace and restoring balance to your chakras in the process.

Test your boundaries of love and compassion, and see how far you can stretch them. Challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself, and uproot selfishness from your mind.

Show kindness and generosity to humans and animals without expectation of reward or acclaim. Learn to forgive those who you have a bone of contention.

This will allow you to clear conflicts, and in turn clean up your chakra fields, and in turn, help you balance your chakras yourself.

Talk to people about your feelings and share your burdens with them, even if you think it will not help you at all. Keep your mind open to the possibility of healing through love.

Your self-esteem suffers a fatal blow when chakras are severely disoriented. Find ways to bolster your confidence. Indulge in activities you have a predisposed talent for.

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Are you good at singing? Sing your heart out. It’ll make you feel accomplished and elevate your self-esteem and confidence levels. Steer clear of people who make you feel worthless.

When you’re communicating with someone, make sure you’re paying attention to their words, instead of wandering in your diseased mind. Narcissism is an instant chi killer.

It promotes negative traits, such as manipulation and taking people for granted. Step out of yourself and see the ravishing beauty hidden inside others.

How to balance your chakras on your own? Try these effective practices, and your efforts will come to fruition.