Solar plexus chakra or Manipura is the third chakra mainly associated with mental fortitude, self-worth, confidence and willpower.

An unbalanced solar plexus chakra can cause severely intolerant or competitive behaviour, tiredness, procrastination, overeating, and failure to complete simple tasks.

Physical symptoms of the solar plexus chakra include an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and fear as well as alleviation of self-esteem and lack of concentration in simple daily tasks.

Other symptoms such as diabetes, indigestion can also manifest themselves in severe cases. Third chakra healing is of utmost importance because if its signs are left unattended, it can have chronic effects on your body and mind.

Third chakra healing techniques

Healing the solar plexus chakra at an early stage is a relatively simple process.

However, if you haven’t tended to its imbalance for many years, and exacerbated its condition, you’ll require great mental and physical exertion to restore balance to your world.

Some exercises, when done correctly can help in unblocking the pathway of the Manipura.

Foods that can help restore the imbalance of the solar plexus chakra include bananas, antelopes, papaya, oranges, satsuma, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and other similar foods that have a yellow colour as the colour that is associated with Manipura is also yellow.

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These foods are highly effective in healing and uprooting the blockages of the solar plexus chakra.

Meditation is a technique that has a marked effect on the health of your solar plexus chakra. It is used to cure many conditions and various chakra blockages and has found its application since ancient times.

It’s a simple exercise but requires complete mental focus. Meditation combined with chakra stones make for a deadly duo.

If you meditate with third chakra healing stones such as tourmaline and amber, you’ll effectuate the healing process.

The use of aromatic oils, such as citrus essential oil, orange oil can remove the blockages in the pathway of the solar plexus chakra.

You can use these oils in baths or simply inhale their aroma. Couples these oils with meditation or yoga, and you have yourself an effective remedy.

The aroma of these oils has miraculous healing abilities.

Yoga practice on a daily basis can go a long way in improving the condition of your third chakra. Asanas that is directed towards the core strength is perfect for eradicating the blockage of the third chakra.

The most natural orientation to pull off in asana is the warrior pose. The boat pose and sun saturations are asana poses that strengthen the core and open up Manipura.

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Challenge yourself to stretch and indulge more in these yoga techniques to get improved results.

What makes Yoga and meditation even more effective? Doing them outside in the warmth of the yellow burning sun.

If you’re not in the mood to physically exert yourself in these practices, you can take a jog to a nearby park in the open sun, and that will help in third chakra healing as well.