The sacral chakra is present in the lower abdomen, near the coccyx, and has an orange colour.

It regulates emotions in humans and is often regarded as the epicentre of all emotions. Reproductive functions of the human body are also under the control of sacral chakra.

A prolonged disruption in the sacral chakra can lead to physical and emotional discomfort.

Chakras in the body are responsible for the smooth flow of energy, and even a slight hindrance in their pathways can imperil the vitality of humans.

The sole purpose of sacra chakra healing is to remove the stumbling blocks obstructing the flow of energy and restoring balance to the body.

Chakras can become hyperactive or hypoactive, depending upon the symptoms disturbing their equilibrium.

A hyperactive chakra can lead to emotional overload, untoward obsessions with peoples and things, inability to survive alone, and physical symptoms such as extreme abdominal cramps.

On the other hand, a hypoactive chakra can promote anxiety, perturbation, banality, low sexual drive, pessimistic tendencies, and abnormal menstrual as well as urinary functioning.

Methods of Sacral Chakra Healing

So, there is a severe need to heal the second chakra, to restore the function of the human body.

Indulge in your passions

Balancing chakra doesn’t require a difficult struggle. The secret to chakra healing is to do more of what you love and feel a passion for.

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Do you love writing? Or do you have an inborn passion for soccer? Indulge in these activities, and you’ll feel a noticeable change in your mood and physical health.

These activities will help reinstate your creativity and boost your confidence.

Meditation and letting go

Another useful method of healing your sacral chakra is meditation and painting a mental picture of the colour orange inside your mind, which is the colour of the sacral chakra.

When you’re meditating, try to let go of negative thoughts and emotions that may be disrupting the flow of energy.

Free your mind from brooding thoughts of fear and anxiety. Make room for positivity and happiness.


Disillusionment from false sexual beliefs can heal your sacral chakra.

Maybe in your childhood, you were taught something about sexuality that is making you feel uneasy and engaging your sexual freedom in the present.

Once you’ve found the source of these blockages, take measures to deconstruct them.

 Be wary of your emotional triggers

Be wary of your emotional inhibitors and emotional stimulators, things and people that destabilise your emotions.

For instance, if you find out that you always get angry at the sight of someone you hate —whenever they appear in front of you, take a long deep breath instead of letting the anger get to your head.

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Similarly, if you’re aware that overanalysing and overthinking always dampens your spirits, stop as soon as you start doing it.

 Self-acceptance and Self -Love

Self-hatred can instantly block your sacral chakra and send you in a deepening episode of depression. Inspire yourself through empowering books and movies that promote the values of self-acceptance and love.

Connect with different kinds of people, instead of isolating yourself from society, and listen to their sorrows and life-lessons.

Adopt good eating practices, such as replacement of processed foods with organic vegetables and fruits.

Join a gym, and take care of your body instead of taking your health for granted and making matters worse for yourself to effectuate sacral chakra healing.