Twin flame obsessive thoughts – if that sounds familiar to you, then you are certainly not alone.

The process of twin flames coming together into union lends itself to obsessive thinking, and it almost always happens.

It serves an essential purpose. Not the one that you think, either – you aren’t obsessing over your twin flame because you are soon finally going to be together.

You are obsessing over them because you have fallen into the same trap that people have been falling into for decades within this community. You are missing the point.

That’s okay, by the way. It’s so common that it could be argued that it is its own stage within the relationship.

We’re going to explore the causes behind twin flame obsession and help you to understand why you are experiencing it.

Along the way, we hope you will learn enough to overcome it and move your relationship onto its next stage.

Twin Flame Obsessive Thoughts Come From Inner Wounds

The thing is, what you are experiencing is basically a mental/emotional “switcheroo.”

Many people enter this journey with the idea that it is all about achieving romantic union with your destined life partner – your “one true love.”

It simply isn’t the case.

This relationship is all about progress, improvement, spiritual evolution, and cleansing.

Its goals span lifetimes rather than mere years, and you are only experiencing a small part of it as you.

It isn’t about romance. Many twin flames do not enter into a romantic relationship at all, preferring to keep that side of their life away from the spiritual side of their life.

That is a perfectly reasonable way of doing things, though you should know that most do have a traditional romantic relationship at some point along the road.

Instead, it is about preparing your soul for a higher state of consciousness by cleansing it of the inner wounds that it has accumulated over many lifetimes.

For you as you, are, they are the subconscious blocks, neuroses, and flaws that keep you from being your authentic, best self.

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They are the faulty thought patterns and harmful habits that feed the pain and misery that appears in your life.

For the longest time, they have remained unconscious, undetected, and quietly pulling your strings in the background.

Once your mirror soul enters your life, this no longer remains the case.

Where Do Twin Flame Obsessive Thoughts Come?

These inner wounds have always been there. You may have added to them in your lifetime if you had a particularly difficult childhood or some trauma that affected you badly.

Throughout growing up, you learned how to deal with them and make them mostly ignorable.

Developing these defense mechanisms is how the non-spiritual mind deals with this kind of wounding.

But these defense mechanisms are no good when it comes to this particular type of karmic relationship.

You need to tear them down, and the wounds need to be addressed directly and healed with cleansing light.

When you first meet your mirror soul, their energy and your energy mingle and harmonize almost immediatly.

You share an energy blueprint – a basic set of vibrational patterns that you both operate on, forming the basis of your intense mutual chemistry and a shared set of values.

This energetic excitation mixes things up in your psyche.

The defense mechanisms that protected you before stop working, and suddenly all those old wounds start to make themselves known.

Your mirror soul poked the beehive, and the drones are pretty annoyed about it.

Through the power of intuition, it is clear to you that meeting your mirror soul caused the pain, fear, and anxiety that you started feeling.

Your thoughts become more and more obsessive as you consider that the only way out of these feelings is to be with them.

That idea is misplaced. It is backward.

Your brain is used to working in 3D. It sees you meet your twin flame, then all of these feelings start occurring, and it puts two and two together.

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Of course, it gets 5 – as it so often does.

It is your transition to 5D.

Before you get there, you have to learn to think in the right way, and identifying where these obsessive thoughts are coming from is one step along that journey.

The solution isn’t to win over your twin flame, have them leave their karmic partner and be with you.

That’s the prize if it is meant to be that way at all.

Getting Rid Of Twin Flame Obsessive Thoughts

The only way to get over twin flame obsession is to solve the driving motives behind it.

It means owning, addressing, and cleansing the past wounds that still plague your soul and psyche.

The primary thing to remember is that this has absolutely nothing to do with your mirror soul.

They are simply the strong wind that blew the window open on these feelings.

It’s all about you. It maens your relationship with yourself, your relationship with your spirituality, and your relationship with your soul, and past lives.

The twin flame relationship is a relationship with yourself, as well as with another person.

So turn your focus away from your karmic twin for a while and take stock of yourself.

You should ensure that you have a regular meditation time and healing practice, especially chakra healing on the upper chakras as they deal primarily with consciousness and higher senses.

Of course, you shouldn’t do this at the expense of your other energy centers as a healthy system is the core of all healing work.

Above all, you need to be honest with yourself about what is holding you back.

Something is – and until you can find the courage to dig past your ego, past your anxieties, and into your unconscious mind, you will continue to experience twin flame obsessive thoughts.

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