Do both twin flames know they have a shared destiny?

It often seems that one partner in the twin flame relationship has a lot more spiritual knowledge than the other, who often haven’t heard of or disbelieves the facts of the twin flame experience.

It seems this way because it is supposed to be this way.

This relationship is not intended to be a walk in the park, but a journey that you take together.

The beginning of that journey is all about gathering together, ensuring you prepare for the journey ahead, and finally realizing your soul purpose.

So it is perfectly plausible that your twin flame could not know that that’s what they are.

It might not matter to them at all right now.

But the answer to the question is more complex than that.

Many factors affect how this important partnership begins, and sometimes it’s just a no-go. When this is the case, it is down to old wounds.

Do Both Twin Flames Know They Are?

Most of the time, twin souls form partnerships where one is the spiritual one, and the other is the physical one.

They are mirror expressions of the same soul blueprint, with one of them being more attuned to the physical experience where the other is more interested in the spiritual experience.

It means that when you meet, one of you have more information on the process and what to expect than the other.

You shouldn’t be surprised if they don’t even know what you are talking about when you broach the topic, as it hasn’t been important to your twin flame so far.

This is what usually causes the runner and chaser phase of the relationship.

The chaser has all of this knowledge about the universe and energy and their destiny, whereas the runner has only experienced the physical, practical world and is scared off by the possibility of something more.

It is not the chaser’s responsibility to convince them of it. The runner must open themselves to the possibility first.

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But afterward, a period of spiritual education will ensue and ensure that you are both on the same page as you embark on the twin flame journey towards ascension and unity.

It is during this time that the more skeptical partner will learn about the link between you.

They will get to understand the power of healing, transformation, and evolution in light that the close energetic link bestows upon you.

They will learn of the incredible potential between you and how that can be used to be a part of something bigger.

We are talking about the ascension of humanity, the universe, and everything in it.

They will also come to understand the potential for happiness and fulfillment that the twin flame relationship offers to both of its partners.

They will realize everything that they love about you fits within this model, and they will eventually get on board.

But we said the question was complex. So far it doesn’t seem that complex!

Do both twin flames know that they are destined to be together? No, not right away.

But they will learn when they are ready to open themselves to this new world (to them).

But it is more complex than that. In fact, the answer to the question could be a resounding “YES.”

Deep Down, Both Twin Flames Know

On the deepest level, down at the soul where energy is everything, and nothing else is of much importance, both twin flames know the nature of their relationship.

How could they not? The intense mutual chemistry, the unavoidable attraction, the way the air rushes out of the room and the atmosphere buzzes when you are together.

It couldn’t be more evident if it were written across the sky in capital letters.

Our souls are capable of knowing things that we ourselves can simultaneously and honestly claim we do not know.

There are parts of ourselves hidden to our conscious minds, kept down by a lack of spiritual connection and the effects of mental blocks like defense mechanisms.

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The effect that mirror souls have on each other is based on soul recognition.

Your mirrored souls recognize each other by energy signature, and the vibrations go crazy as you find harmony together.

So on the deepest level, twin flames always know each other.

On the deepest level, you know and understand the process and the relationship. On the deepest level, it is imprinted on your soul.

How To Ensure That Both Twin Flames Know About The Journey

To ensure that your twin flame knows about the special relationship and journey they are a part of, you need to tread a fine line between education and respecting boundaries.

Luckily, you have one advantage, one trick up your sleeve that can help you to achieve this goal – deep down, they already know what they need to know!

That means that the process of educating them can instead be a process of helping them to uncover their inner wisdom.

You don’t do this by forcing your beliefs onto them. It doesn’t work and only drives people away.

Instead, you should ask them questions about their beliefs and see where they are.

Guide them towards the right answers, but don’t push or drag them there.

And if they don’t get to the right answers right away, that’s okay.

It can take some people a long time to switch modes from pure physical thinking into mind-body-spirit thinking, which they need to do to access their intuition and inner knowledge.

The best thing you can do is be around to talk to them about the important stuff.

Being there for them allows them enough space to process the new world view you are pointing out to them to decide if it resonates with them.

And if you want to help that happen, it never hurts to send love, light, and messages of support to them via your twin flame telepathic connection.

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