The false twin flame break up is a huge turning point in your life.

It marks the end of your backward-looking karmic relationships and ushers in the more forward-looking genuine twin flame relationship.

This split will feel different from the ones that come before.

Whereas before you will have felt heartbreak, hurt, betrayed, or any of a thousand negative feelings because of the way the relationship ended.

This break up will leave you feeling an enormous sense of relief and freedom.

It is far more accurate to term it “escaping” from the relationship, as this will be how it feels.

Why Do False Twin Flames Break Up?

There is a very simple reason that this particular relationship must come to an end – its purpose is to prepare you for the real thing.

Knowing this makes it necessary for the partnership to end.

However, the actual specific reasons can vary. The key lessons hide in the specifics. You must learn before you are ready to move on.

By discovering the false nature of your partner, you have demonstrated that you are spiritually ready for your mirror soul.

Common Reasons For False Twin Break Up

Although the reasons vary, there are common characteristics of this type of partner that nearly always play a role.

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They include:

  • Controlling behavior.
  • Jealousy.
  • Emotional Unavailability.
  • Distance.
  • Poor communication.
  • Lack of commitment.
  • They sap your energy (energy vampire).

Waking up to these characteristics is a vital part of the healing process, this relationship is a part.

They won’t be obvious, to begin with, but over time you will start to notice them and the idea that they are not your true twin will begin to form in your head.

Having this realization is a process that strengthens your will and intuition, but it also addresses your old wounds.

They will push all of your buttons, but in doing so, they present those buttons to you.

It is up to you to disable them, so they no longer set you off.

Meeting True Twin Flame After Break Up

We know that the end of this period in your life marks the start of the twin flame period.

This is the time where you will meet your mirror soul and embark together on a journey towards enlightenment and ascension.

Unfortunately, this rarely happens right away.

Technically, you are ready for the next step. But there are a thousand reasons why it might not start right away.

Your mirror soul might not be as ready as you are, or they might be in a situation that keeps them from you.

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It might not be the right time for you or them spiritually, either.

When it comes to these relationships, you have to surrender to fate and destiny.

When the time is right, you will finally meet your mirror soul and join with them in a union.

You cannot rush it – after all, trying to do so only speaks of your unreadiness as patience is essential for your pending journey.

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