False twin flame synchronicities appear in our lives to forewarn us of an approaching karmic relationship.

When you see the signs, you may feel tricked into thinking you are with your true twin.

But the similarities end there. These two different types of a karmic partner couldn’t be more different.

What Is Twin Flame Synchronicity?

The universe can present us with little coincidences. On the surface, they seem random, but once you start taking note, you can spot a pattern.

Hidden within these patterns are signs of all sort of things – including your twin flame.

We can use synchronicity to prepare for our true twin. The problem is that false twin flame synchronicities are identical to the true twin ones.

They include:

  • The appearance of the number 11, or some variant. This master number often shows up in the form of 11:11.
  • You meet somewhere out of your ordinary routine.
  • You have been in the same places at the same time before, but the universe didn’t bring you together.
  • You see love and relationships everywhere you go for the days before you meet.
  • You have both ended a karmic relationship.

As the synchronicity signs are identical, distinguishing these two relationships can only be done once you are in it.

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Signs Of False Twin Flame Synchronicities

  • The signs start showing up once you have gotten over the initial honeymoon phase.
  • The first sign will be when their charm starts to fall away, and suddenly you find yourself completely uncomfortable talking to them.
  • You feel like you’re walking on eggshells, always worried that you are going to say something wrong.
  • They will also have an unhealthy obsession with the past, often digging it up to make you feel bad.
  • The twin flame relationship is supposed to be forward-looking, not dwelling on what is already done.
  • They are often manipulative. Lies and deceit are a dead give-away.
  • False twins also tend to be energy vampires – people who sap the energy from others. It leaves you feeling lethargic, down and exhausted when you are around them.
  • There is emotional distance, too much for it to be healthy.
  • In the beginning, the false twin seemed willing to talk about feelings, but after a little while, they don’t seem to want an emotional relationship with you at all.

In fact, the only emotions you see very often are jealousy and anger.

Your false twin is just a stepping stone to your true twin. Realizing this and ending your relationship with the former will help you to meet the latter.

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It made be difficult to distinguish the false twin flame synchronicities from the true ones, but spotting the signs once you are in is all you need to do to move forward in your journey.

By doing so, you heal the old wounds that keep you in this relationship and gain the courage, power, and independence you need for the genuine twin flame relationship.

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