A Twin Flame Narcissist is not an easy person to share your destiny.

You wait your whole life for your mirror soul, and they turn out to be selfish, thoughtless, and emotionally unavailable.

Many people facing this situation turn tail and leave, surmising that this isn’t their mirror soul and leaving it at that.

In some cases, they are right.

But in other cases, they actually deny themselves a great opportunity just because they don’t feel up to the challenge of getting there.

As is the case with so many things in life, there are three ways this situation can go depending on the decisions you make and the soul contract you agreed upon before arriving in this life.

Knowing which situation you are in is half the battle.

Your Twin Flame Narcissist Can Change

The point of this relationship between mirror souls is to work together in mutual self-improvement with the eventual goal of ascension through the raising of vibrations and consciousness.

It is a forward-looking relationship that doesn’t dwell on the issues of the past.

However, even mirror souls do not come together fully formed.

When you meet, there are always issues from both of your pasts that are still in play, and these must be dealt with before either of you can move forward.

Their narcissism may well be a result of childhood trauma or other past wounds that they have yet to deal with fully.

The good news is that this is fixable.

The bad news is that there is little you can do until they accept they need to change.

Knowing whether a narcissist is really accepting your point of view or just saying so is a tough thing to navigate sometimes.

If they are open to change, then help them to do so, but they will need to do the majority of the work themselves.

You have to give them enough space to practice self-evolution and have enough patience for when it inevitably takes longer than you would imagine.

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Your Twin Flame Narcissist Cannot Change

Some problems are simply too far engrained for anyone to fix in any reasonable time frame.

It’s an unfortunate fact that some people’s childhood and early adulthood is so unhealthy or traumatic that they may never untangle the web of their psyche before their time is up.

If this is the case with your mirror soul, then you may have to accept that you will not achieve Union in this lifetime.

The nature of this relationship is that it is not confined to our mortal lives.

It exists on a soul level and therefore plays out over many lifetimes – and you will not be together in every single one of them.

This time around you are meant to go your separate ways and learn more about yourselves on your own.

It is an essential step on your soul’s journey and you need to take it seriously.

The consequences of staying in a relationship like this can be catastrophic.

Narcissists are prone to becoming abusive and if you stay with one then sooner or later they will do you harm (whether emotional or spiritual).

Remember that leaving them, for this reason, does not mean that you won’t find true love in this lifetime.

You can still find a life partner that you can live a happy and fulfilling life.

That is a common mistake that people make – thinking that they have one true love, and that is their mirror soul.

You can fall in love with anyone if you are compatible; there’s no limit on love.

It can feel a bit insensitive to give up on someone that you feel so connected.

That’s natural and nothing to be ashamed of – but you should take heart in knowing that you aren’t abandoning them forever, just until you are both ready for your journey together.

Your Twin Flame Narcissist Is Your False Twin

The third and final path this could take is if it turns out that they were never your Twin Flame at all!

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Karmic relationships pop up in our lives from time to time and help us to learn more about ourselves and work through the issues that we face.

They are often tumultuous and painful but don’t need to be.

They exist to provide us with the right challenges to help our spiritual development and therefore form an essential part of our journeys on Earth.

One type of karmic relationship is the False Twin Flame relationship.

Your False Twin appears to be your true twin from the start, but over time it turns out they were fraudulent.

Spotting an imposter of this kind requires an excellent eye and a present mind, but most people don’t know until it’s obvious.

Read our article on how to spot a False Twin Flame if you want to know if this is the case for you.

Narcissism is a common trait for this type of karmic partner and is one of the tell-tale signs.

Other signs include dwelling on the past, petty jealousy, and emotional unavailability.

The good thing is that if this is the case, then the situation will usually resolve itself.

The moment you realize your partner is not the real deal the spell has been broken, and it becomes simple to end the relationship.


If you are dealing with a Twin Flame narcissist, then those three options are what you have available to you.

Working out which path is the right one will have to come down to you and your intuition.

To help you reach the right decision, you should meditate on your own feelings and see what your inner self can tell you.

More often than not, your most profound thoughts are your truest ones.

But no matter what you should never stay with someone who is mistreating you, especially if it becomes abusive.

Your mirror soul would never abuse you – and you should never settle for someone that does.

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