Your false twin flame is the narcissist who helps you to become ready for your true twin.

The link between this karmic relationship and narcissism is strong, and it often plays a significant role in the karmic nature of the relationship.

The distinction between these two types of a partner is in how they view the relationship – as a shared journey with common goals, or as a thing they possess.

The latter is textbook behavior for narcissists. They are energy vampires that sap you of your life force, leaving you exhausted just for being in their presence.

It is all about them. These nasty beings see things from their point of view, through a lens of what benefits them – in fact, you barely come into the equation at all.

What Is The Purpose Of A False Twin Flame

You might be wondering what is the purpose of a false twin flame if they are usually narcissists that cause us pain and misery.

Well, it’s a pain and misery that you need right now.

To understand why you need to realize that you have a certain level of tolerance.

There is only so much self-involvement and selfish behavior that you can take before you have to take action.

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Being pushed to take action is the primary purpose of this type of partner.

As their poor treatment of you goes on, you start to realize that you deserve better than what you are getting.

You stop blaming yourself for setting them off and instead start blaming yourself for letting them walk all over you.

Growing confidence and self-esteem helps to prepare you for the healing that immediately follows this relationship.

Facing your old wounds and past traumas head-on can be draining, and you need all the preparation you can get.

The purpose of this partnership is not to be your true love or your long term partner.

It is to prepare you to clear out the last of the lingering spiritual issues that keep you from your true twin.

How To Get Rid Of A False Twin Flame

There will come the point where enough is enough, and that is the time for you to end the relationship.

Don’t delay. Staying with this person can offer you nothing but more pain.

If you want to know how to get rid of a false twin flame, then it’s usually as easy as breaking up with them.

In your new, confident state they will stop seeing you as someone they can take advantage of, and subsequently lose interest.

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It isn’t always the case. Sometimes these false twins linger, trying to get more out of you and desperately attempting to stay stuck in your life.

In this instance, a cord-cutting ritual may be in order.

Learning how to cut etheric cords is easy and an excellent tool for the next journey.

In either case, make sure you do end this disastrous relationship with your narcissistic false twin flame.

If possible, do so with love and light – after all, their narcissism is deep-rooted in trauma that they have yet to come to terms with what they are.

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