When insomnia hits, the world can get a bit overwhelming. Twin flames often find themselves losing sleep, and the problem often lies within the twin flame relationship itself.

Sleep and dreaming are about the most spiritual thing most people do, but we pay too little attention to it.

If you have experienced insomnia and want to know if it relates to your twin flame, read on below.

The Importance Of Sleep

Sleep is of incredible importance to your body, mind and soul.

For your body, sleep is vital as it allows for the repair of daily wear and tear while your body is not expending much energy elsewhere.

For your mind, sleep is crucial as your brain goes over the events of the day and helps you to internalise the lessons you have learned from them.

For your soul, sleep is indispensable. When we sleep and dream, we are transported to the astral realm – forming our most important link with higher power and consciousness.

Losing sleep can negatively impact your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Insomnia: A Sign Of Twin Flame Meeting & Awakening

It is during the sleepy hours that the veil to the astral dimension is at its thinnest.

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It causes a spike in cosmic energy through our bodies. We are usually asleep, so we don’t often notice it, but a big enough spike that wakes us up or keeps us awake if we have yet to nod off.

If the energy spike is big enough to cause insomnia, there are only a few things that could cause it.

The most important is twin flame meeting or awakening, as both of these are extremely high energy events that can disrupt your sleeping pattern weeks in advance.

If you have yet to meet your twin flame, insomnia may be a sign that you should be preparing to meet them very soon.

But if you have already met and are together, it might be a sign of awakening or ascension. On the other hand, it might be something a little less positive.

Insomnia: Troubles In Twin Flame Relationships

Nobody said the twin flame relationship was supposed to be easy – and it isn’t, sometimes.

All relationships have problems, but twin flame relationships are so spiritually and emotionally charged. It is no surprise that these problems can be magnified.

Little problems that would barely be an argument otherwise seem to be huge issues that could make or break your relationship.

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So insomnia may well be the fear and anxiety related to these issues.

The only way to fix this insomnia is to work through your problems with your twin flame.

Healing those wounds and working to ensure they are not reopened in the future will help you to get some much-needed shut-eye.

If possible, spend a couple of nights apart to get a break from each other’s energy. Doing so can calm down the vibrations, giving you breathing space to address the underlying issues.

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