The false twin flame symptoms that you will find listed below will help you to identify this final karmic partner.

Because of the duality with your mirror soul, the signs are usually most obvious to spot when looking at differences in this karmic relationship.

So if you think you are currently in this type of karmic partnership, have a check in with this list of symptoms.

1. Almost Indistinguishable

We should start with the reason why telling these two partners apart is so hard to do.

These Last twins are practically indistinguishable to the inexperienced, which everyone is when they encounter it.

All the twin flame signs will be there and to you they will seem like the real deal. At least to begin.

2. Concentrates On The Past

The actual relationship is forward-looking, and you will not revisit the past very often at all.

In this partnership, on the other hand, they will continuously bring up events and people from your past.

It can be positive for you as it allows you to work through old wounds, though the fights they cause can also be traumatic.

3. They Teach You To Look After Yourself

One part of this false partnership is that they teach you more about yourself.

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Your needs are your responsibility and how to meet them without needing anyone else to do it for you is required to advance.

By the time you get to the exact relationship, you will need to be able to do this, as you will have moved on by then to learning how to care for others.

This relationship is vital to your shared mission.

4. The False Twin Will Lack Commitment To You

They will not stick around when the going gets rough.

The moment they are asked to make an honest commitment, or the moment things get too much like hard work (on their part, not yours), they will make a break for it.

If it were the real thing, they would only be driven by hard times to make progress and learn from the experiencing, strengthening the relationship by doing so.

5. You Fear Their Judgement

With your true twin, you will feel like you have known them forever.

Your link will make you feel at ease, completely comfortable, and free from the fear of judgment.

Acceptance like this will not be the case with your fake twin.

They make you feel uncomfortable, anxious, and hesitant – like you are walking on eggshells all the time to keep them happy.

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6. You Know Who They Are, Deep Down

Finally, the last symptom you will experience is an understanding that this is not your destiny.

Being able to see through their (often unwitting) deception is the last sign that you are ready for your true destiny and the person you will share that.

You will feel unburdened as you realise the nature of your relationship with this person.

It becomes remarkably easy to break it off at this point, and doing so will provide you with a mountain of relief.

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