During the twin flame separation stage, as the chaser, you might feel like you are the only one fighting and suffering for your twin flame relationship.

There is no need to feel like this, and it is not the case.

In fact, your twin flame runner misses you just as much as you miss them – they might just be struggling to come to terms with that themselves.

Twin Flame: The Runner Loves The Chaser

We know that the hardest thing about the twin flame separation stage for the chaser is feeling as though you are chasing after someone who does not want your love.

It is frustrating; it can affect your self-esteem and can leave you feeling helpless and heartbroken.

But within the twin flame relationship, feelings are always mutual.

Your runner misses you as much as you miss them. The hole in your soul where your twin flame should be leaves you feeling empty inside, but at least you know what is missing.

Your runner feels the same pain, the same emptiness and the same heartbreak.

But he has no idea why.

Runners & Chasers Have Different Challenges

Many people who are going through the twin flame separation stage find themselves angry at having to go through it at all.

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It all seems pointlessly painful and more complicated than any other part of your life.

That’s a mistake.

Twin flame relationships aren’t supposed to be easy. They are purposefully designed to be just the opposite.

At its core, the relationship is about progress, improvement and healing old wounds before crossing a new threshold together.

The separation stage is an essential part of that. Both the runner and the chaser play their individual roles through it.

You, the chaser, serve as a stalwart for the twin flame journey.

Your role is to lead by example, sending positive energies through the energetic soul connection by maintaining physical, emotional and spiritual health and living with love and respect.

The runner’s role is to face their challenges. They are yet to experience awakening, and this sudden exposure to the power of twin flames has scared them.

Driven away by fear, they must overcome their hang-ups and heal his old wounds before they come back for twin flame reunion.

Twin Flame Runners Have It Harder

In a way, your runner is suffering more than you are during this stage of separation.

It’s effortless to blame the runner, to see the whole situation as their doing and any pain they are feeling was brought upon by themselves.

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If you feel that way, then you have some work to do on yourself before he can come back.

Take the opportunity to learn to be more patient. Don’t let yourself fall victim to resentment – this only slows down the whole process.

Instead, you need to find the source of that resentment and tackle it yourself.

By doing that, your energies will help to lead them back to the right path – the path that runs right back to you, and on towards ascension and enlightenment.

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