Despite what they have you believe, 666 is not, the so-called number of the beast.

Sure, numbers can be used to hide both good and bad secrets. Numbers have the power to act as reservoirs for both positive and negative energy.

But numbers are not people.

You cannot assign numbers to one being while another number to some other being.

It does not work like that. As far as numbers and people go, though, numbers only represent specifics in a being…not that being itself, including the devil.

When you see recurrent numbers like a 34 appearing wherever you go, whatever you do, there’s a high chance it’s the divine source out there trying to convey something to you.

Don’t take it lightly. It’s rarely a coincidence; universal divinity isn’t that lazy.

When it comes to something as deeply entwined as the twin flame relationship, those numbers are always conveying something to you.

It doesn’t remain a question of if, maybe or possibly in the case of twin flame relationships.

General Meaning Behind 6

A powerful number, it occurs at the vibrational level containing energies of love, nurturance and protection, all of which are maternal instincts, whether you’re a male or a female.

General Meaning Behind 66

Double numbers like this are mighty because they carry twice the power and significance of the original. The number 66 reduces to the number 3 (6+6=12; 1+2=3). Number 3 represents the inner child.

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The Universe throwing 3’s at you often is its way of telling you to resolve your childhood conflicts which will otherwise create complications in your present. So healing old wounds are sure to get you on the right track with whatever difficulties you’re facing with your twin.

666 holds thrice the power of its origin, 6. 666 represents archetypal instinctive behaviours of self-care and service, love and creativity.

To simplify it further, 6 represents self-care, 66 represents nurturing the inner child.

Numbers 666 finally represents a combination of these. It reduces to 9 (6+6+6=18; 1+8=9) where 9 is a powerful number in itself.

It’s the Universe giving you a push to tend to yourself, to reach every personal milestone and grow as a human so you can best serve others, especially your twin; and can enable your creative streak for their well-being.

The number 666, in general, is the Universe telling you to slow down your pace a bit and tend to yourself.

666 In A Twin Flame Relationship

In twin flame relationship terms, it means pretty much the same thing.

666 is your spirit guides telling you to take things one step at a time in your twin flame relationship, to nurture your twin’s inner child and help them get over past conflicts.

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Repeating 6s also means you want to take full control over things in your relationship, that you wish to be creative and fertile in it.