Numbers are carriers of energy, the language around which all of the natural sciences base themselves around…or so they say.

Numbers, when interpreted correctly, can sum up our very existence since the moment of creation until our dying day.

Even our soul guides use numbers to guide us, to communicate with us. We can do so, too, using numbers.

Sometimes, numbers appear in their subset forms also, the understanding of which requires looking into the original number first.

Twin flames, either both or one of them, see such numbers and their subsets appear out of nowhere.

It is no random coincidence, though. The universe is rarely ever so lazy. These numbers help twin flames see the bigger picture.

They are signs the Universe uses to communicate with them.

Before understanding the meanings behind the number 666, it is important to understand the meanings behind the originator number.

In this case we are working with the number 6.

The Number 6

The number 666 is built from its original number 6. This number is a powerful number.

It occurs at the vibrational level, which means it contains energies of love, nurturance and protection: maternal, archetypal instincts, be it male or female.

Seeing this number a lot in your twin flame relationships points to the fact that you need to be more protective, loving and nurturing towards your inner talents and pains to do the same for your twin.

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This sign is the Universe trying to tell you to nurture and care for yourself first if you wish to do the same for your twin flame.

That those inner gifts you are trying to suppress need to be expressed and certified.

The Number 66

Double numbers like this are very significant. They hold double the power and significance of the original, which in this case is number 6.

The number 66 reduces to the number 3 (6+6=12; 1+2=3), and the number 3 represents the inner child.

If there are hidden conflicts from your past, most likely from a young age, you need to resolve them.

If you do not, they might create complications by troubling you still in your twin flame relationship.

66 is a sign you need to heal those past wounds.

The Number 666

Now that you understand the meanings behind the numbers 6 and 66, 666 will make much more sense.

This number represents the archetypal instinctive behaviours or nurturance, love, creativity, self-care and service.

Because 6 represents self-care, 66 represents nurturing the inner child while 666 finally landing on a combination of these things and everything in between.

It reduces to 9 (6+6+6=18; 1+8=9).

And 9 is a powerful number in itself. It is the Universe telling you to love and care for yourself.

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Try to reach every personal milestone and grow as a human being because only when you are in the best state of personal well-being can you serve others.

So in short, 666 is not a demonic number, but the Universe pushing you towards self-care.