Numbers are the utility boxes into which nature and the Universe itself stores its myriad of truths and secrets.

To decipher numeric codes is to get to the bottom of those truths and secrets.

Seeing recurrent numbers isn’t a coincidence. It’s always the divine source trying to tell you something.

Such repetitive numbers carry their origin’s powers, too. A 999, for instance, circulates somewhere around the power of the original 9.

But when combinations of different numbers occurs, it often means a whole lot more power than the same number repeating itself.

Think of it this way: which link will be stronger, one rope tied to another or multiple ropes tied to one spot from different locations?

Same is the case with different numbers occurring in pairs or 2, 3 and so on.

So a number like 57 isn’t just a powerful one in itself, but it’s made up of the two most dominant powers in the universe: 5 and 7.

The Number 5

This is the ruler. It denotes fire, the stigmata. It represents qualities of independence, endurance, wisdom, sexuality, recklessness, rebelliousness, multi-talent, free thinking and competitiveness.

Number 5 stands for making attempting to make positive, bold life choices.

The Number 7

This is the collective consciousness. This number denotes spiritual enlightenment, powerful psychic abilities, clairvoyance, morbidity, depression, natural healer, extreme introspection, practical wisdom and introvert.

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7s ask the big questions. They are eternal seekers of meaning. Their power is their mind.

General Meaning Behind 57

When these two very powerful energies, of 5 and 7, come together, they give the power of one, the unified whole; the archetypal powers, in Jungian terms.

This oneness is unbreakable. If anything, it has the potential to end other things. It’s the protective, self-healing power.

57 In A Twin Flame Relationship

Twin flame relationships are pretty strong in themselves. But when a 5 and a 7 come together in this relationship, it becomes all the more strong.

This combination of numbers is perhaps the strongest one when it comes to twin flames.

But encountering 57 again and again in a twin flame relationship isn’t necessarily the universe applauding you and your twin flame in coming together.

It doesn’t mean the 5 and the 7 represent you as individual beings just because those are your life path numbers.

What the divine source is trying to tell you, by throwing these digits your way, is to listen to your intuition.

It will help you to then make those bold, positive choices in your twin flame relationship you are afraid of making otherwise.

The power of intuition deserves more credit in our day than it receives. It isn’t just your mind playing tricks on you.

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It’s your spirit guides reminding you to consider those voices in your soul and signs around you; and that even if your relationship is up against a brick wall, things will settle down to normal.