If you are anything like me, you have no fun in doing what you are meant to or are told to do.

If there was no such thing as “adventure” or “freedom,” would life even be worth living?

Would communicating with things and people outside of one’s circle be as exciting as it sounds?

If you think the answer to such general wonderment is no, you are agreeing with the essence and living on the vibration of the number 23.

Core Meaning or 23

23 is the adventuresome number. The freedom sign.

The digits of diplomacy and creative self-expression.

It is generally representing:
Quick Wit
Companionship and Co-dependence
Lots and lots of adventure

These different essences in the number 23 are made up of the number who’s essence rules the number 23 the most, which is 5 because it reduces to 5 as:

2 + 3 = 5

Where the number 2 represents traits of diplomacy, companionship, co-dependence and teamwork.

While the number 3 stands for optimism, tolerance and creative self-expression.

The number 5 stands for a heightened sense of personal freedom and adventure, alongside quick wit.

The number 23 rules the world of adventure and freedom like no other.

As such, these dynamics work together in a harmonious blend like no other number’s.

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23 in Life

If you are bored from your monotonous routine, seeing the number 23 is a suggestion from the universe to go on an exciting adventure.

Be prepared to take the initiative to discover your hidden talents which will serve as a means of personal self-expression.

23s are interesting personalities, who make others fall in love with them instantly.

Their quick wit serves as a considerable charmer and makes 23s save the day when it is used to break the tension during unusually awkward situations.

23 in Love

The number 23 is all about freedom, adventure, interest and so on.

However, as quickly as they enter your mind, these things will often fade away as quickly as they had developed.

So if a 23 shows deep interest one moment, they might show sudden disinterest the next.

If your relationship seems like work, seeing the number 23 is a sign to make it into an adventure; to explore life with your significant other as you’ve never done before.

23 in Work

Sometimes, when there appears to be such a viable solution to a problem, what’s needed is a change of perspective.

Looking at things from a different angle.

Also, try working in pairs or groups to resolve some issue you are having trouble dealing with alone.

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23 also means achieving your goals creatively.

23 and Interesting Facts

Yes, we’ve all heard of Jim Carrey’s movie, The Number 23.

J.F. Nash was also obsessed with 23.

Hiroshima bomb dropped at 8:15am and 8 + 15 = 23.

23 is also one of the prime numbers.

Last but not least, 9/11’s incident relates to 23 because:

9 + 11 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 = 23

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