Is there a social cause you want to support. Is there some social welfare organisation you are thinking of joining.

Do you want to help with charity work or raise funds for something, or someone?

Seeing Number 18 Recurrently

It’s the divine power telling you to go ahead with all those things.

The number 18 essentially stands for

  • Humanitarianism and philanthropy
  • Independence
  • Ambition (sometimes even over-ambition)
  • Solitude
  • Winning
  • Wealth
  • Openness

The core meaning of 18

18 comprises of 1 and 8. The basic or core meaning of 18 is derived from splitting then adding its constituents, as

1 + 8 = 9

The number 1 is about

  • Aloneness
  • Independence
  • Realism
  • Intuition
  • Steadfastness

The number 8 is associated with

  • Self-care
  • Wealth
  • Stability
  • Achievements

And the number 9 is the ruler of compassion, self-care, strength, stamina and creativity.

18 in Life

Seeing 18 wherever you go is a sign from your divine source to go in the direction of your ambitions, to make that tremendous change for humanity that you’ve been dreaming about.

It’s a heads-up to rise above your doubts and fears and get creative to serve others.

If you have been suffering greatly, seeing the number 18 means things are going to take a drastic turn for the better.

Just let the power of 1 be your inner guide and of 8 be your strength to stomp the obstacles in your way.

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18 in Love

Others are often intimidated by 18s due to their ability to stay independent and alone, being okay in their own company.

They can sometimes become too drunk on their power of independence and stability and act cruelly, but they come around to it.

18 in Work

18 in life represents wealth, also. 18s mostly are born unlucky, but their fate moves towards a brighter side gradually over their lifetime.

18s turn out to be successful businessmen and women, artists, entrepreneurs and the like.

18 – Symbolism

The number 18 is the ruling number of Mars.

A unique strength is associated with Mars, alongside the ability to see courage in things and places where no one else does, to find reasons to keep going like others can’t.

18 is a combination of Sun and Saturn, and that alone says a lot about the strengthening power this number holds within itself.

Even its wounds can’t do enough to stop it from achieving its goals, from making a difference

And at the end of the day, this is pretty much what the number 18 boils down to being creative and unique in serving humanity, whether it’s done independently or with others’ help.

The Number of the Beast

Commonly believed to be devil’s number, 666, breaks down to 18 when 6 is multiplied with the number of its occurrence in 666 (3, that is). Many associate 18 to be, in fact, the devil’s number.

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Some researches show others associating healing powers and favourable omens with 18, as they choose houses or hotel rooms numbered 18.