The universal communicators, other than music, of course, are numbers.

The Universe uses numbers to reveal its secrets. Your body itself is numbers: a certain number of molecules and atoms, of heartbeats per second, of neurons firing off per minute and so on.

Your life, too, is one big pool of numbers functioning at a highly orderly fashion to bring about what we call experiences.

If there’s a life number, there’s a destiny number, a soul number and a spirit number. The list is pretty long.

Most of the time, these silent conversationalists called numbers talk to us in our relationships, be it with a lover, a parent, a sibling or a colleague.

And most of those time, we dismiss these ‘signs’ as gibberish, as inconsequential.

The Number 58

This is a very dynamic number, among the ones that act are drivers for other kinds of energies out there in the universe.

This number is the perfect blend of permanence with temperance, two opposing aspects.

An eternal power needs to be kept in check, same as everything else that’s strong and dominant in this Universe.

The number 58 is what this is. It is nature’s way of even keeping its numbers, what with all their magnanimous powers, in check.

The coming together of 5 with 8 is how this is accomplished.

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The Number 5

This number is the mark of the ruler, the lion, fire; it’s the stigmata.

It denotes such qualities as independence, endurance, wisdom, recklessness, rebelliousness, multi-talent, free thinking and competitiveness.

Number 5 stands for attempting to make positive, bold life choices. 5’s are very curious and sexual beings.

The Number 8

You’re right to conjure the word eternity by seeing this number 8 right here.

The perfect blend of two circles represents eternal energies colliding and cooling side by side, one giving birth to the other.

The number 8 represents harmony, a balance between different forces, a peaceful co-existence of variations.

It also means the strive for such a balance, the struggle for self-independence and survival.

General Meaning Behind 58

This number is associated with the eternal struggle of creating a balance between the dominant forces trying to suppress the weaker ones.

But using your boldness and your ability to learn through difficult life changes can be just the tool you need to create that harmonious balance.

You are the source of the power needed to create that.

58 In Twin Flame Relationship

You might be realising how dangerously close you are to the negative forces inside and around your twin flame, ones that co-exist in them alongside the positive ones.

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But seeing 58 means your guides are telling you not to back down because you’re the source of the power, the power which your twin flame needs to balance out the tumultuous feelings and thoughts raging inside them.

58 is your support-system not to leave your twin’s side and help them learn to be at harmony with their outside as well as inside worlds.