Are you stuck thinking, “My Twin Flame hates me”?

A lot of people are surprised by the dynamics they encounter within their relationship with their mirror soul.

They assume it is going to be plain sailing, harmonious, and loving from the start.

But the unfortunate fact is that almost all of these relationships have periods of difficulty. After all, you’re only human.

If you think that your Twin Flame hates you, it could be down to several things – but one thing it does not mean is that they actually hate you.

They don’t! Though for the moment they may think they do.

What you are experiencing right now is not easy to deal with, and we sympathize with your plight.

Luckily you have the benefit of others having experienced this before, and we are able to provide you with an explanation and some possible solutions for what you are going through.

Why Does My Twin Flame Hate Me?

They may feel this way about you right now for a number of reasons, but before we get to them, we should address the word “hate.”

Your mirror soul doesn’t hate you. Right now they have feelings that they are interpreting as hatred, but on several levels, they know that isn’t true.

If they have said it to you, it was probably said out of spite rather than honesty.

In fact, they love you. It may be deep down right now, but their love for you is eternal and unwavering.

In most cases, this is just temporary — a blip on the road to the union.

It most commonly comes up during the separation stage. In fact, it is usually what causes it.

My Twin Flame Hates Me: Separation Anxiety

The separation stage of the relationship follows the honeymoon and crisis phases.

The weight of this particular type of karmic union has a habit of driving a wedge between you and causes one of you to “run.”

This partner is called the Runner, for apparent reasons.

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Your Runner might say that they hate you, but they are just experiencing the existential anxiety that often accompanies awakening.

They usually have less experience and knowledge in this area and are unable to understand it fully, so fear is the natural response.

The separation stage lasts until both of you are ready for Union.

Until then your Runner will probably still feel this way about you, but rest assured that over time it will fade and their true feelings will become apparent to them.

If you think this is the problem, then you should have patience.

While you are waiting for them to deal with their past wounds, you can send them love and healing through meditation, utilizing the telepathic connection.

You should also be dealing with any past wounds and traumas that you have yet to conquer.

You have to be ready too, so don’t be the blockage on your journey!

My Twin Flame Hates Me: Not Meant To Be

Not every set of mirror souls unites within every lifetime.

You have spent many lives together and will spend many more, but there will also be incarnations where you will not end up together.

The reason for this is that there are some lessons you can only learn about yourself when they are not in the picture.

Its connection to another can not define your soul, you have to be able to exist alone without losing balance.

Losing balance can be a hard pill to swallow – after all, doesn’t everybody deserve true love?

This is a common misconception. Not that everybody deserves true love, that is undoubtedly true.

But your Twin Flame is not the only person you can find true love with, and most people do not end up with theirs at all yet still find it.

You will still find a life partner to be with, and you have just as much chance of being happy and fulfilled with them.

They may be a soulmate or other karmic partner, or they may be someone whose path you thankfully crossed.

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Still, it isn’t easy to let go of your mirror soul and your shared destiny.

While you can never do a complete job of severing your connection, using cord-cutting can help to alleviate the worst of the pain of letting them go.

My Twin Flame Hates Me: An Imposter

Finally, the problems you are experiencing may be the result of an elementary mistake that everyone makes on this journey.

You have run into your False Twin.

These imposters are precisely like the real deal in many ways, but those ways are all surface level.

Once you start to dig deeper into them, you begin to realize that they may not be your destiny after all.

One of the sure signs of an imposter is that they blame you for their problems.

Your true mirror soul would see those problems as shared, and any blame shared too.

On a subconscious level, the imposter is so scared of being rumbled that they create emotional distance to hide who they really are.

If you suspect this is the case, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

In fact, you have much to celebrate!

This is the final preparation for your Twin Flame meeting, so soon you will know your true mirror soul.

Rest assured that you will not experience the same problems in the same way again, though that doesn’t mean the road will be easy.


Whichever is the cause of this current problem, we hope we have assured you that it is entirely solvable.

It may involve a difficult decision or two, but that’s part of the beauty of life.

As a final word, you should be careful that you aren’t over-reacting before you take drastic action.

Before doing anything, ensure that your aura is bright and you feel in balance – failing to do so could lead you and your partner to harm.

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