It’s a question that is asked a little too often: “Is he my twin flame? Or am I just crazy?!”

Well, you might well be crazy – but that doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t your twin flame!

Either way, it’s not too tricky to work out if he is your twin flame.

All you have to do is look for the following signs:

1. Immediate Chemistry

As soon as you met, you immediately got on like a house on fire.

Twin flames have an innate connection and a shared set of internal values that exists long before they meet in this life.

This connection is apparent immediately. If you felt this kind of relationship with him, he might well be your twin flame.

2. Immediate Physical Chemistry

Twin flame chemistry isn’t all about mental and emotional connection, and it is also a physical phenomenon.

You find yourself sitting far too close to him, with open body language and lots of flirtatious touching.

He does the same, and neither of you feels uncomfortable about it even for a second.

Twin flames tend to like the same amount of physical contact, so it might also be that you don’t want to sit too close to each other because you both love your personal space.

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3. Lots Of Eye Contact

Eyes are the window to the soul, and the twin flame connection is a soul level bond.

When you met him, your eyes met, and you were filled with buzzing energy, causing butterflies and nervousness but also an eery sense of peace and calm.

After that, you weren’t able to take your eyes off each other.

Twin flames often share a lot of eye contact as they strengthen their connection, which helps to build trust and love.

4. Experiencing Synchronicity

Synchronicity is like a coincidence but intended by the universe. It exists to help to guide those who are willing to pay attention to.

Twin flame synchronicity is powerful and obvious if you are looking for it.

You might be seeing lots of twin flame numbers, or you might see a lot of love and relationship-themed stuff around too.

Twin flames also tend to meet when their friends have all gotten into new relationships, as the love energy that twin flames share has a habit of spreading to others.

5. Shared History

Twin flames also feel like they have known each other for many lifetimes.

Twin flame connections do often go back many lifetimes, which is what causes this feeling.

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More than that, though, he might be your twin flame if you had similar childhood experiences.

The surface level stuff might differ, but the underlying experiences are often eerily similar.

Twin flames tend to have these shared experiences as a way of building a foundation for the twin flame relationship.

A mutual understanding of how you both got to where you are is vital for a deep connection like the twin flame relationship.

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