Before you meet your twin flame, you may have what is known as a false twin flame relationship.

A fake twin flame is a karmic relationship that helps to prepare you for your real twin flame relationship, but it differs from other karmic relationships because it mirrors your twin flame relationship in many ways.

Not in every way, though. Spotting your false twin flame is difficult until it becomes obvious – at which point your preparations are complete and you are ready for your actual twin flame.

Who Is My False Twin Flame?

Your false twin flame is not your twin flame but may appear to be so.

They usually appear in your life at a point when you are looking for “the one” and starting to grow disillusioned with looking for them.False Twin Flame- Could they be one?

Other karmic relationships will have come before, but they differ from this one because you knew deep down they were never meant to be.

Your false twin flame may have you fooled.

In most cases, your false twin flame will be an “energy vampire.”

These are people who sap energy from others rather than getting it from source and are sometimes called negative energy beings.

Are False Twin Flames Different To True Twin Flames?

Superficially, your false twin flame will appear in every way to be your twin flame.

They will show all the signs, you will experience all the symptoms, and the beginning of the relationship will be a whirlwind of excitement and passion.

However, this quickly dissipates.

After a short while, your false twin flame will start to mistreat you.

You will notice that you are collecting negative energy, and you will begin to develop symptoms of energy imbalance and negative energy build up.

False twin flames are manipulative. They can be overbearing or decidedly absent, depending on what they judge will keep their victim under their control.

Why Do False Twin Souls Sap Energy?

The problem is, your false twin flame is not necessarily a bad or mean person. They, like you, are wounded on a subconscious level.

The difference between the two of you is in how you deal with that subconscious wounding.

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You deal with it by looking for love and light, while they deal with it by denying it and pushing it down.

Hiding your light can make you vulnerable and makes them angry, manipulative, and neurotic.

Your false twin flame isn’t equipped to get their cosmic energy from Source.

To get it, they subconsciously sap it from others – usually the person closest to them, which would be you.

Purpose Of False Twin Soul Relationship

It may seem unnecessary and cruel for you to have to go through a relationship with someone manipulative, abusive and vampiric before you can get to your twin flame, but there is a reason behind the madness.

Your genuine twin flame relationship works on mutual progress.

You are supposed to grow together, nourished by the true love you share and by the rising energies you create by being in each other’s presence.

It is an entirely forward-looking relationship. There is no space for old wounds.

But old wounds are painful to heal fully. Your karmic relationships in the lead up to your twin flame relationship should have helped prepare you by treating some of those old wounds.

However, until you meet your false twin flame, some remain.

The purpose of your false twin flame relationship is to unearth and address the deepest emotional and psychological wounds that you have accrued throughout your lifetime.

The same subconscious issues that leave you vulnerable to your false twin flame are the issues that keep you from your actual twin flame. Until you deal with the pressing issues, you cannot move on.

Once you have dealt with them, you will no longer need your false twin flame.

They become surplus to requirements, and you see them for who they truly are. Although they have treated you badly, you will not feel anger or hatred towards them.

You will feel nothing for them but pity, and perhaps not even that. At this point, you should move on, secure in the knowledge that you are ready for your twin flame.

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Am I In A False Twin Soul Relationship Right Now?

The difficulty of knowing if you’re in a false twin flame relationship or a true one is that, until you are ready for the true one, they appear utterly identical.

Of course, the process of developing the senses to see your false twin for who they are is the same process as becoming ready for your true twin.False Twin Flame -Say no

See if you can spot the following false twin flame signs:

Being around them drains you. Your true twin will boost your energy as you boost theirs, but your false twin will be sapping your energy for their use.
Not being around them makes you feel empty. Your true twin could be the other side of the planet, and you would still feel their love.

You grow dependant on your false twin, unable to be apart from them without negative feelings.

They are emotionally distant. Twin flames share everything, no matter how private each is as an individual.

Your false twin will be too wounded still to open up to this level.

You feel stagnant or trapped. The twin flame relationship is fulfilling and drives you forward towards your true self.

Your false twin doesn’t make you feel that way, instead of making you feel as though you are going nowhere.

One tried, and true method of distinguishing between true and false twin flames is the ask-a-friend method.

If you ask your friends what they think of your partner, their answers can tell you a lot.

Of your true twin flame, they will say how well you work together, how right you are for each other and how happy you seem.

If you are with your false twin flame, it might be challenging to find a friend at all – they tend to keep you away from them.

When you do ask a friend, they will either be reluctant to answer or tell you what you don’t want to hear.

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