There comes the point for most people when they become unsure about their twin flame experience.

Doubt is natural. Asking if twin flames are real or just made up is a good idea – it’s important to stay conscious as you take in information.

But twin flames are real. We’ve known about them in one form or another for a very, very long time.

Twin Flame Doubts

The first time people generally experience doubts about the twin flame relationship it is during the separation stage.

This “Dark Soul Of The Night” is a challenging, painful stage of the twin flame relationship that is characterised by self-doubt and confusion.

At this challenging time, it is often the easiest thing to deny the twin flame relationship. The “runner” often does precisely that.

These doubts will dissipate over time and with self-improvement. Your energy is shifting, and you need time to adjust and get to know your new self.

To hurry along the process, meditate on the feelings you are having and try to find their source.

By working through the pain that you are going through, you will strengthen your soul and consciousness, ready for the reunion.

Twin Flame Relationships Aren’t Perfect

Another reason people start to doubt the twin flame journey is that they realise that their twin flame is not perfect.

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It’s a common misconception that your twin flame will always agree with you, even want what you want and still be on the same page as you.

This isn’t the case.

Although you share a soul pattern, you are not the same person. The difficulties and challenges you face are different from each other, and you have both been moulded by experience.

There comes the point in the twin flame relationship where you realise that you have put your twin flame on a pedestal.

You have seen only their positive traits and ignored the negative ones that everybody has.

Realising this and making peace with it is progress – once your twin flame is off the pedestal, you can love them for who they are rather than just your idea of them.

False Twin Flame Experiences

Finally, one more reason that you might experience doubts about whether twin flames are real is that you have had a false twin flame experience.

Most people get a run of these before they meet their real twin flame, the purpose being to prepare you for your twin flame.

Unfortunately, you can be so convinced that this is your twin flame that when the relationship ends and you realise they weren’t you doubt the existence of twin flames altogether.

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Thinking this is throwing the baby out with the bath water.

If this is the case for you, then you should be heartened! False twin flame relationships come just before the true one, so you are nearly there.

The twin flame relationship is karmic, so you can’t make it happen with any amount of willpower – it will happen when it needs to happen for you.

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