There are many reasons for wanting to know how to contact your twin flame in a non-traditional way.

Whether you are separated, or you just haven’t met them yet, learning this twin flame ability can help bring them to you.

It can also be fun to be able to contact each other using only the twin flame connection.

Learning how to contact your twin flame with your mind is easy; you only need to unlock the natural power within.

Contacting Your Twin Flame For The First Time

When trying to contacting your twin flame for the first time, you immediately run into some hurdles.

Connecting with someone telepathically is difficult as it is, but not being intimately familiar with their energy fingerprint makes it all the harder.

For any other connection, the attempt ends here. But the twin flame connection is different.

Twin flames share the same energy. They have the same soul’s energetic pattern. It is like a fingerprint, a soul blueprint if you will. Only two souls, twin flames share it.

Contacting Your Twin Flame During Separation

During separation, the process is easier. However, you have to practice a bit more care.

Tempting as it may be, you shouldn’t be trying to contact your twin flame too much during separation. It is a time for both of you to work on yourselves.

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However, some contact will drive your twin flame towards awakening and reunion.

Meditation To Contact Twin Flame – Step-By-Step

The actual process of contacting your twin flame is relatively simple to learn but challenging to master.

Follow these steps to contact your twin flame telepathically:

1. Prepare Your Space

As always before meditation, you need to prepare your space.

Pick somewhere comfortable and secluded, lay out some candles, incense and crystals, and burn some sage to clear negative energy.

2. Enter Meditative State

Next, it’s time to achieve a meditative state.

Sit, clear your mind and allow the day’s troubles to wash away. Observe your thoughts, but don’t react to them.

3. Isolate The Twin Flame Connection

Once your mind is clear, shift your focus to your heart chakra, located in your chest.

Feel the imprints of the karmic connections embedded in your heart chakra, and state your intent that you will take control of your twin flame connection.

Feel your twin flame’s energy as your subtle bodies connect.

4. Send Your Message

You can send your message at this point.

Try to keep it simple. A thought, emotion or short phrase works perfectly. Complex messages can get garbled easily.

Simply speak your message out loud.

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5. Await A Reply

Now that you have contacted your twin flame, all that is left to do is tidy up and wait for a reply.

The reply might come immediately, but it usually comes later on. You will feel your twin flame’s energy – which is unmistakable at this point – followed by thoughts, emotions or words that feel external to you.

In the meantime, cleanse your meditation space and burn some more sage. Next time will be easier.

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