You are tackling a multi-layered question when you ask, “can a twin flame also be an empath?” 

Layers are best understood individually and then put back together, one by one. 

Let us approach this the same way and start by discussing what empaths and twin flames are separately.

Then we will layer them back together, so to speak.

Initially, the two look like two different genres, and they are.

It is true to say they are independent of each other, but it is also correct to state that they are only possible because of one another.

How can such an apparent contradiction be correct in its information?

Twin flames are supposed to behave like star crossed lovers, and empaths are supposed to be awkward, antisocial, and moody, right? 

Well kind of, right. The above example of a limited view from an outside angle is just that, limited. 

If you are an empath or a twin flame, you will attest to being anything but limited. 

You may be an empath reading this at the start of your awareness of who you are, and even with training wheels, you still wipe out every time you go near people. That’s not your fault.

Or maybe you are more along the path and are a twin flame, drowning and buoyant all at the same time.

The 2019 to 2020 retrogrades that put us through labor pains and joys anointing twin flames in the waters of physical union and global union.

Either way, if you are in the throws of it all, or have lost your way amongst all the signs, then read on. 

We have lifesavers and helmets with your names on them, waiting and ready to rescue and protect you on your way. 

What is an Empath?

  • Empaths have superhero type amounts of powerful emotional energy and perception.
  • An empath is extremely sensitive to the emotions of everyone around them. 
  • Empaths feel compassion and understanding for what others are going through.
  • They have the ability to place oneself in the shoes of others, among other definitions.
  • When someone has empathic ability, they feel other people’s pain, stress, and enjoyment.
  • Empaths process emotions for other people who can not.
  • Empaths generally have an inability to distance themselves from the emotions of others.

Judith Orloff M.D. confirms this sentiment in her book, The 

Empath’s Survival Guide.

Check out her work to check if you have empathy or you have empathic ability.

All the above definitions describe what an empath is, but they also are more varied and complex.

As such, they are vulnerable to getting overwhelmed by feelings and can become emotionally frayed, so to speak. 

It’s no surprise then that empaths are usually introverted and find it challenging to get into relationships.

What is a twin flame?

Another term for twin flames is “mirror souls,” a twin flame is the other mirror half of your soul blueprint.

Twin Flames are like soulmates but have some fundamental extras that we will list here:

  • The connection with a twin flame is more important and intense.
  • The deep feelings Twin Flames share often result in them wanting a romantic relationship. 
  • Twin Flames are already empathic with each other before they meet. 
  • The depth of intensity that TF’s emotions reach together is unique to this union. 
  • No other relationship on Earth can emote a frequency so high.
  • This intense energy is procured purposely for manifesting the shared dreams into the physical.
  • TF’s are granted special universal privileges because their dreams are not selfish. 
  • TF’s find great peace in working together helping humanity stay safe and heal.
  • Collaborations between TF’s produce vibrant creative energy and groundbreaking exchanges of ideas. 
  • Often TF brainstorming sessions result in the invention of something new or some artistic creation that will impact both souls and invariably the world.
  • When twin flames hug they feel incredible energy.
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Preparing Your Sensors

Now that we have described what an empath and a twin flame are, you may think that they are different.

You may be thinking you can only be one or the other, but that’s not the case.

In my experience, they are part of the stages I went through, preparing my sensory receptors, and tuning in my full sensitive powers into what they are today.

I am an empath, I have healed many souls, alive and in other realms. I was born in 1970, the first wave of Indigo. 

Anyone who knows me knows I have always been the one who feels everyone and everything profoundly. 

It is nothing for my tears to start flowing like a tap running down my face, soaking my clothes as I release a pocket of sadness, pain, or fear for a soul I don’t know.

I can see other empaths nodding in agreement as they read this, and I want to say, “believe in your knowing.”

Our emotions make us strong, our tears are super healers. Be proud to be an empath.

The Law of Polarity 

One of the most fundamental concepts in esoteric theory is that of polarity. 

It is when two things of the same genre are opposite or have contradictory tendencies, aspects, or opinions.

It is what gives us yin and yang, feminine and masculine, positive and negative, and all the ways Earth expresses itself through the law of polarity. 

While they may describe opposing forces, what’s important to consider is that these polarities are actually parts of the same whole. 

This means that these opposing forces are inseparable. One does not function without the other. 

The two only exist together because of each other. The same can be said for twin flames, they are flames ready to usher humanity into a new world.

One of the flames will always be an empath, the other may also, but having empathy is enough for the other. 

Integral Twin Flame Partnership Balance

Integral to the TF balance is what qualities they separately bring to the table of their union. 

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Together they must fill in the gaps of each other’s weaknesses and unite as a compelling whole. 

Having accumulated all full sensitive powers is only necessary for one twin to embody.

Their shared credentials are what matters and what is needed to go forward successfully.

When the whole has a definition and purpose that betters humanity, twin flames are united and supported in their endeavors.

These abilities are essential in carrying out the duties associated with being a twin flame. 

If you are a twin flame, then you or your twin must have empathic abilities.

Therefore, the simple answer is yes, one can be a twin flame and also an empath.

Mirror Soul Concept 

Twin flames help each other evolve, and most of the time, involve the interaction of two polar opposites. Or you can say waring forces. 

Just because it’s possible does not mean that being a twin flame and an empath will be easy.

Remember, what defines twin flame interactions is the unique frequency of intensity in the relationship.

The depth of the feelings shared between TF’s is something that most young empaths find uncomfortable. 

It is why TF’s usually don’t unite too young in their lives. They simply are not ready.

What’s important is not to judge your TF based on the emotions that you’re getting from them, they get a read off you as well. 

The quality of energy you give your TF is the energy they mirror back. 

Allow them to express emotions freely, even if you think they are acting crazy, this is part of the TF journey. 

At this time, you must remember that your TF is often expressing what you are unable to feel or release.

Judging them for having deep oceans of emotions inside them is going to hold you back. 

These emotions are designed to release you and to generate the energetic signature required when processing TF energy and ascension.


I guess you can see how being an empath is synonymous with being a twin flame. At least for one of the two, usually the divine feminine, but not exclusively.

There is no doubt that these two spiritual wonders complement and work hand in hand with each other during the shared spiritual quest.

So be cool, go with the flow, be patient and kind, and keep in mind that the soul’s evolution does not involve your comfort zone. 

As you grow, and the more you mature as an empath, the more you will be able to embrace your incredible gift. 

You will see that being an empath and knowing you are a twin flame is the greatest gift you can receive in a human lifetime.

Cherish your empathic emotions, love your twin, be happy within yourself, and everything will be as it should.

It may be difficult be it will ultimately be the most rewarding thing you ever do.