If you are looking for Twin Flame Chaser advice, then chances are you are in a difficult place right now.

Your Runner is putting distance between you, and it is causing you all sorts of pain.

The Runner and Chaser dynamic is so familiar among Twin Flames that it is often considered a stage in the relationship.

Although your particular relationship is unique and your experience will be different in many ways, you can still learn a lot from the experiences of others as a lot of patterns show up across the board.

So if you are a Twin Flame Chaser and looking for advice, here are some tips to help you through this stage of your relationship:

Don’t Chase

It might seem counter-intuitive, but you shouldn’t be chasing.

Firstly, it’s not that useful. You are only going to put more pressure on them, and that will push them further away.

If they have asked for space, you can’t do anything about that.

More importantly, nor should you. It’s understandable that from your point of view, chasing is the best idea.

After all, you are trying to bring the two of you back together for both of your sakes, not just your own.

But that’s just from your perspective. From their perspective, you are forcing yourself into their lives despite them asking you not to.

The fact that they have decided that they need space means that they have some internal issues and past wounds that they need to heal.

Whether you like it or not, they have to do so on their own.

Don’t Be “A Chaser”

Labels are useful. They help us to categorize things so that patterns form and solutions are discovered.

Unfortunately, labels can also do harm.

When you think of yourself as a Chaser you are reinforcing your own belief that you are a Chaser.

Your powers of manifestation turn this view of yourself into your reality, and you find yourself in a cycle of your own making.

The term “Chaser” is intended to be used to help us understand and discuss the patterns that play through the Twin Flame relationship – but it is not supposed to be an identity.

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Embrace Your Own Power

When you separate from your Mirror Soul, it will throw up a lot of things from your past and leave you feeling helpless.

That’s where the urge to chase comes from – you are trying to take control.

But you cannot take control of this situation because you are not the only person in it.

What you do need to do is deal with the problems from your past that have surfaced.

Find control through dealing with your personal issues and achieve balance in your life.

This Stage Will End

If you were looking for a message of hope, here it is:

Your Runner will come back.

It isn’t just a piece of optimism, but actually, a piece of Twin Flame Chaser advice that can help you to see the key to Union.

By understanding and knowing within yourself that your Runner will return to you, you make it a reality.

It works because you are primarily in an energy relationship, especially when you are separated.

Influencing their energy with your own powers of manifestation can help them to realize that they want Union as much as you do.

In this way, you can exercise your powers of intent to speed up the process of getting back together.

All you have to do is cast aside your doubts.

Don’t Fall To Blame

Too many Chasers play the blame game.

It’s obvious why – the Runner is the one who has initiated separation and therefore they should get the blame for it, right?

There is no place for blame within the Twin Flame relationship.

Blame is decidedly low vibration and rarely helpful in any situation as it is pure negative emotion.

The problem is that you blaming, shaming, or guilting your partner is only going to make the challenges that they are facing harder.

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By doing this, you are actually becoming the one who is to blame for your continued separation.

You can’t blame them for running. If you were in their shoes, you would have done the same – even if you think you wouldn’t.

What you can do is help them through it.

When you blame them, you are sending negative energy to them that will only deepen their feelings of guilt for running from you – but they will also blame you for making them feel that way!

In this way, another cycle forms that is difficult to escape.

Be A Twin Flame Leader

You could choose to ditch the Chaser label altogether if it has lost its usefulness for you.

In its place, you could use “Leader.”

The label isn’t important, but in any case, you should think about what this term means and how you might take this role rather than the traditional Chaser role.

It is your job to light the way for your Runner, to show them what they need to do and guide them where they need to go.

But good leaders do not tell people what to do – they demonstrate through their own behavior.

If they need to find themselves spiritually, then you need to do it first.

Your energy will influence them even from afar, and they will feel the urge to do the same.

Don’t Wait

The best piece of Twin Flame Chaser advice we can give you is not to wait.

You should not be stopping your life to wait for them.

It may well be that you need to move forward with your life a little more before things can work out for you, and the same can be true the other way around.

This separation means that you are not quite ready to be in Union. If you stay where you are, you never will be.

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