Removing etheric cords is a vital tool in your spiritual toolbox.

It is a practice that can help you to keep your chakra energy centers, aura, and spiritual connections free from the poison of negative energy.

Etheric cords accumulate over time as you forge connections with people.

These connections can be as simple as smiling at each other on the street, or as complex as a lifelong partnership.

Removing cords is easy and something you can do in the comfort of your own home or sacred space.

You may choose to employ the help of a healer when you are still learning, but it isn’t usually necessary.

Purpose Of Removing Etheric Cords

The goal of this practice is to sever the cords that act as conduits for negative energy.

When you have one of these connections, it feeds your system with negative energy, which saps your life force and leaves you feeling drained, depressed, and powerless.

Having only a few strong connections like this can wreak havoc on your health and wellbeing.

People who have a lot of connections generally – like celebrities and public figures – have more need of this practice than others.

However, the most need for cord cutting comes from people who work in care professions.

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It is because the connections made are often powerful, and can have some of the worst negative energy you can encounter.

For these people, separating their energy from that which they encounter in the workplace is essential to maintaining health and happiness.

How To: Removing Etheric Cords

The most popular method of removing etheric cords is a cord cutting ritual.

This ritual involves you identifying and severing the negative energy connections that are leeching your aura and subtle body.

Enter a meditative state. You need to clear your mind and find your peace, attuning to your energy and ensuring that the baggage of the day is off your shoulders so that your judgment is clear.

Bring your focus to your heart chakra. Feel all of your connections as strands, reaching out into the universe from your chest and connecting with others.

Allow your mind to go to the harmful sources. Allow your focus to be captured by a single cord that you feel intuitively is bringing you harm.

Identify it. Where are the feelings coming? Who does this connection feel like? What emotions are involved?

Cast away the other cords and hone in on that specific one.

Speak a mantra that resonates with you – something like “I release this source of negative power.”

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As you do so, imagine a pair of scissors or a knife cutting through the cord, severing it.

It could take a few goes as your subconscious mind attempts to keep the connection. It will have worked once you feel the negative feelings dissipate and melt away.

Then, you have successfully removed one negative cord.

Hopefully, there aren’t too many left for you to deal with, but over time, it will become quicker, more comfortable and just another good habit that improves your life.

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