Throughout our lives, we establish many etheric cord connections with the people we meet along the way.

Not all of these connections will be positive, so it can be useful to engage in cord cutting energy healing.

Severing cord connections can be a useful way of protecting your energy.

So let’s explore why you might want to try this type of energy healing ritual, and how exactly you can do this for yourself.

Cord Cutting Is Like Tending Your Garden

We can start with the “why” before moving on to the “how”, as it is essential for any ritual to know precisely why you are performing it.

One metaphor that can help to crystallise this concept in your mind is that cord cutting energy healing is a lot like tending to your garden.

Over time, our etheric cord connections tend to build up. Think of an overgrown flowerbed, teeming with flowers but also cluttered with weeds.

The nutrients in the soil feed flowers and weeds alike. This means that the weeds are growing using nutrients that could be used to grow the more pleasant flowers.

The solution is to dig out the weeds. It is the same with the soul.

You will have many positive, beautiful connections based on love and light, but your spiritual energy is often split due to negative connections that have accumulated over time.

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To foster your positive connections and protect your energy, those negative connections must be rooted out.

How To Perform The Cord Cutting Energy Healing Ritual

The following is a step-by-step process for a basic cord cutting ritual.

While this will be somewhat effective as is, you will want to add your personal touch to the ritual to root it in your unique energy system.

Step 1: Enter A Meditative State

The first thing you need to do is prepare your space and enter meditation.

If you don’t know how to meditate effectively, then you should learn about and practice meditation before performing this ritual.

Step 2: Clear Your Mind & Senses

Cord cutting is an intense experience, so you need to keep all distractions away.

Any lingering thoughts and emotions from the day should be cleared before beginning, as their presence can throw off attempts to get a solid grip on the cord.

Step 3: Find & Grasp The Cord

Now, it is time to identify and grasp a negative energy cord.

Visualise the person with whom you share a negative etheric cord. Cast your mind to your heart chakra and try to grasp the cord with visualisation, feeling it extend into the astral plane from your heart chakra.

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Step 4: Cut The Cord

It is time to cut the cord.

This might take a few attempts. Your intention here is key – you have to mean it when you sever an etheric cord.

Visualise the cord detaching from your chest and melting into the aether. Keep doing this until the negative feelings associated with it dissipate.

Step 5: Regular Healing

Congratulations, you have learned how to perform cord cutting energy healing.

You should practice this regularly, whenever you feel that negative energy is impacting your life. Once a week is more than enough for most.

Remember, while you might feel cold for severing these connections, it will do you no good to maintain connections that are negatively impacting you.

Cutting these cords makes room in your soul for more valuable, nourishing and loving connections to flourish and bloom in their place.

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