Indigo aura personality traits draw themselves from the energy frequency of indigo light, relating specifically to the third eye chakra.

This aura color is particularly rare and speaks of a highly intuitive, spiritually attuned person.

It primarily relates to higher senses and perception, intuition, and spiritual connection.

The aura holds information about you as a person and your current energy state.

An aura is rarely just one color, but when we say you have an indigo aura, we mean that you have an aura that is primarily indigo.

It means that the color dominates the other colors, speaking to the primary traits of your personality and the drives of your inner self.

Indigo Aura Personality Traits

Indigos are brave and fearless. They do not cower in the face of danger and are usually the first to step up to a challenge.

It is not unique to them, but what is unique is the controlled way in which they display their bravery.

Unlike with Reds, they do not run the risk of falling into thrill-seeking behavior.

They do not seek danger and gain excitement from taking unnecessary risks; they take the risks they judge should be taken without fear of something going wrong.

They are also highly intuitive and rely mostly on instinct rather than cold rationalism.

This intuitive instinct is imperative for them to get through daily challenges.

It appears to others that they are just lucky, always managing to land on their feet despite appearing as though they are not trying.

It is not the case; it is just that they find decisions straightforward to make, and they often instinctively choose the right option.

In reality, Indigos have an incredible ability to master skills and topics with ease.

It goes way beyond intelligence into an intuitive understanding of the workings of the universe, like tapping into ancient wisdom and knowledge from their past lives.

They are renowned loners – not necessarily having few friends, but certainly preferring to keep their time with others limited.

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Solitude allows them to live with fewer distractions from their goals.

They also tend to have a powerful moral code and stick to it vehemently. Honesty is important to them, as is integrity and spiritual connection.

In terms of demeanor, Indigos tend to be confident, high energy, and independent.

They can raise the vibrations of those around them and help to bring positive energy to those in their circle of friends and family.

However, they are also highly sensitive. It is the root of their intuitive abilities, but it is also the cause of their main weakness.

When an Indigo becomes overwhelmed, they tend to turn in on themselves and withdraw from the world.

With their focus turned inwards, they change from confident, energetic individuals into empty, weak-minded people until they can get themselves back on track.

Ensuring that this doesn’t happen too often is the primary challenge of an Indigo’s life.

Indigo Aura Personality: Work & Careers

In terms of work and careers, Indigos are useful in most workplaces and industries.

Their high intelligence and intuitive abilities make them highly sought after, especially in skilled trades and positions.

They usually have no desire to take on leadership roles, but often, hate having to follow someone else’s orders.

It can make finding the right job for the long term a real challenge, as it has to have the right balance between freedom and oversight.

Indigos prefer to work to strict guidelines and deadlines, and always deliver on both.

They have excellent attention to detail and work more quickly than others due to being able to “feel” their way through.

Although they rarely shoot for the stars in terms of career, they do tend to start their small businesses and run their life that way.

Often, sole traders, this allows them to gain the solitude and freedom they desire without demanding that they lead a team.

Teamwork can be a bit of a challenge for Indigos.

Their thought processes are not easily translatable for others, so when asked to explain their thinking to a team, they can get overwhelmed.

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However, they are not ones for in-fighting and zero-sum competition, so conflict is unlikely to be the reason for it not working.

As an employee, Indigos should be set tasks with strict parameters and then largely left to their own devices.

You can always trust them to make good on their promises in this regard.

Indigo Aura Personality: Love & Relationships

When it comes to love and relationships, Indigos are low quantity – high quality.

They prefer to have a small group of people that they are very close.

Deep, complex friendships are favored, basing them on shared values and a shared sensibility.

You will find an Indigo to be a great friend. They have integrity and honesty and help to bring out the same in others.

Their moral behavior tends to rub off on those around them and help elevate everyone to their level.

They are very accepting, too. You can have flaws, act immorally sometimes, and still be a close friend with an Indigo.

However, their strict moral code means that if you do something very offensive to them, they will refuse to associate with you altogether.

For everyone else, they forgive and forget. By setting a good example, they elevate their circle – not by nagging and lecturing.

In terms of love, Indigos crave the deepest of love connections.

They are not shallow in the slightest, rarely giving in to lust or physical infatuation.

Instead, they like to discover the inner workings of a person and fall in love with their inner self.

They do tend to gravitate towards each other, as is natural. Indigos make perfect partners for each other, but their rarity means they often pair off with others.

Once paired up, they are committed and faithful partners.

They never cheat or lie – at least, not without experiencing the intense shame that prevents them from doing so in the first place!

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