What is the yellow aura meaning? A yellow aura is a sign of a person living with joy, optimism, and vitality. Having yellow in your aura can also represent your creativity, inspiration and spiritual health.

The yellow aura is bouncy, resilient and hard to tarnish with negative energy.

Do you have a yellow aura? If you do, this is what your aura says about you:

Yellow Aura Seeks Joy & Happiness

Yellow auras belong to those who seek joy and happiness above all else.

It is in your nature to seek joy, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

You’re the kind of person that others want to visit new places with, as you have a knack of finding the fun to be had wherever you are.

You are endlessly playful, always up for a bit of silliness if the opportunity arises.Yellow Aura Meaning - two people enjoying the energy

You do well around people who find this endearing, though more serious-minded people might be turned off.

It isn’t just your happiness that you care about. You love to make others happy, gaining no small joy from putting a smile on someone’s face.

Child At Heart

Although you had to grow up as adult responsibilities became a part of your life, a large part of you is still devoted to your inner child.

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Much of what you enjoyed as a child you still enjoy today. You never grew out of them, and why should you?

As long as it brings you joy, you don’t mind if it’s a little childish.

You are also filled with the same curiosity you had as a child, loving to learn new things and share them with others.

Boosts Creativity

When there is yellow in your aura, you will find that your creativity gets a significant boost.

You feel more creative than usual, with the drive to get something done.

However, you can suffer from not finishing projects because they stop being so fun, which can hamper you if you’re trying to be creative for more than just fun.

If this becomes a problem, try setting less ambitious goals.

Finishing a small task will remind you of the joy of finishing something, which can motivate you to complete larger projects down the road.

Your creative power is particularly suited to things you enjoy, mainly those hobbies from childhood that you never grew tired of doing.


Yellow auras exude optimism, and you find that nothing seems to get you down.

Even when bad things happen to you, you can see the silver lining. You trust that things will get better, and because of this, they often do!

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You are content with where you are right now, knowing that this is precisely where you are meant to be.

People rely on you to lighten the mood when things get rough, and you’re always ready with a killer joke or a fun distraction to keep everyone busy.

With yellow in your aura, you light up the lives of those around you with your endless joy, optimism, and creativity. I hope this has concluded the yellow aura meaning.

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