The red aura colour is associated with strength, passion, sensuality and physicality.

It is linked with the root chakra, which binds you to the Earth and relates to primal needs, base desires and your link with Mother Earth.

Do you have red in your aura?

Here’s what it means for you:

Strength & Physicality

Red auras are associated with people who are strongly bonded to the physical world.

People with red auras tend to be in good health, with lots of energy and a real zeal for life.

They enjoy sports, travel and other activities that involve getting the blood pumping out in the open air.

Many are adrenaline junkies, preferring a skydiving trip to a beach holiday any day of the week.

People with red auras are very physical and tend to express themselves this way.

They like to hug, hold hands and aren’t against a little horseplay with friends.

You can feel the presence of a red aura when one is around.

It makes the person seem much more significant than they are, which means that they are often thought of as “intimidating” – hopefully in a good way.


The red aura represents someone who relies on their physical senses more than their spiritual senses.

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If you can’t touch it or hold it in your hand, a red aura person doesn’t care about it.

They are great lovers of food and love fine dining, though they can tend to overdo it sometimes.

Temperance doesn’t come naturally to people with red auras.

This sensuality indicates a strong connection with nature, and people with red auras love to get out and about in nature – it’s full of sights and smells and weird things to pick up and check out.

If someone with a red aura tells you to try a new restaurant, a unique experience, or anything really, then you should take their advice!

When it comes to sensual satisfaction, reds know what they are talking about.

Primal Needs & The Root Chakra

A red aura is associated with a strong, healthy root chakra.

This is the first chakra, located at the base of the spine. It deals with primal needs and base desires, relating to survival, food, security and shelter.

People with red auras rarely find these things lacking in their lives, but if they do, then it can overwhelm them more easily than others.

Common issues that reds tend to face with their root chakra are related to overindulgence.

Anxiety and fear can lead to overeating, as well as drinking problems and other substance issues.

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If your red aura starts to muddy, you should check that you aren’t indulging your base desires a little too much.

Root chakra healing is good for everyone as it is the chakra that draws in the most energy.

It is more critical for people with red auras, though, as a blocked or overactive root chakra can lead to their usually vivacious disposition melting away and being replaced with depression.

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