The colour of your aura can tell you a lot about your spiritual state, as well as your personality and life paths that fit your energy.

If you have recently discovered that you have a bit or a lot of orange aura, then you should know that a lot of the people around you already knew.

That’s because people with orange auras tend to be front and centre, outgoing and charismatic, with an unquenchable thirst for adventure and excitement.

High Energy Orange Aura

Having an orange aura means that you are brimming with creative energy.

You are very motivated and love to try new things and meet new people along the way.

If you have to sit and do nothing for any length of time, you start bouncing off the walls.

Planning things to do is difficult for you, which is fine because you prefer spontaneous adventure anyway. You want to follow your whim, not your itinerary.

You are also ambitious. You dream big, but you have the self-belief to get there.

An orange aura is also associated with high physical intimate energy. People with orange auras are often drawn to each other through raw physical passion.

Excitement is your driving force. When things excite you, you thrive – but when you lack that excitement, you start to suffer.

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Charisma & Gregariousness

Having an orange aura means that you are charismatic and tend to be the centre of attention – which is perfect because you love being front and centre.

You have strong leadership skills that see you cope well in a crisis, but a lack of motivation to do the boring parts of leadership means that in the long term you are better off as a figurehead.

Think sales, rather than management.

Regardless, you find it easy to get along with people, and you like to bring people together.

Its stems from your positivity and loyalty to your friends and acquaintances alike.

Truly Original

Other people might be content with incremental improvement, making small contributions that add up over time.

Not you. You are all about originality, switching things up and inventing new ways of doing things.

They aren’t always better ways, though. Sometimes your desire to be original means you go about things in the wrong way, making you prone to mistakes.

But mistakes are just learning experiences for you. Your optimism and sense of adventure drive you. This energy keeps you creative.

You always find the orange power to keep trying, even if it upset the status quo.

No Normal Life

You dream big, you have the drive to be original in everything you do, and you thrive on discovery and adventure.

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You do not want an average life. A humdrum existence is a hell for you, and allowing yourself to settle into one will not be right for you.

You have all the traits you need to live life according to your desires.

As long as you never surrender your originality, and as long as your ambition and zest for life persist, you will continue striving for a life journey far from the beaten path.

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