If you are reading this article, it is because you are looking for your aura color meaning and all the jazz that goes with understanding our amazing personal rainbow generators.

Our human bodies rely on an electromagnetic field supported by Electro Magnetic Energy to keep us alive.

The EMG emits cosmic energy of our subtle bodies, appearing as a kaleidoscope of colors around our bodies that all have their specific meanings for us.

The color of your aura can tell you a lot about yourself. It commonly describes personality, spiritual state, mental and physical health, as well as challenges and opportunities you are facing.

Understanding where your aura comes from and how to see it and work with it will help you to keep on top of your spiritual health, maintaining balance and peace as you travel your path.

Aura Color Meaning – What Is An Aura?

Your aura surrounds your physical body and extends beyond it to around a 6-foot radius.

It is representative of your subtle body’s cosmic energy, which in turn is fed by your chakra system. Therefore, your aura can be used to see the current health of your subtle body chakras.Aura Color Meaning - Woman checking her aura

Aura Color Meaning

If you are interested in the meanings of different aura colors you can find them here: Aura Color Meanings.

Your Aura Has Seven Layers:

1. Etheric Body. This layer extends just a centimeter or so from the surface of the skin and conforms to the shape of the physical body. Represents the physical body and is linked to vitality, strength, and physical health. Connected with the Root chakra.

2. Emotional Body. This layer reaches out to about 6cm, loosely conforming to the physical body. This second layer represents the full range of emotions, from fear and hatred to love and happiness. Linked with the Sacral chakra.

3. Mental Body. Extends to around 10cm, becoming more ovoid. The third layer houses cognitive ability, thoughts, ideas, and higher thinking. Heavily influenced by the ego. Linked with the Solar Plexus chakra.

4. Astral Body. This layer reaches up to 30cm out from your body. This fourth layer is open to other peoples energy and is where cord connections have a place to tether and bind.

It is no surprise then that this band of energy stores your relationships, family, community, and social skills. It is also the bridge between the lower three layers and the upper three, which links it intrinsically with the Heart chakra.

5. Etheric Double. This layer reaches out to 60cm. So vast is the reach of the fifth layer that it encompasses all of your physical forms as a sort of blueprint. Also linked with the throat chakra, connecting it further with expression and speech.

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6. Celestial Body. This layer can reach out to 90cm from the body. It holds your connection to higher consciousness and wisdom. Linked with the Third Eye chakra.

7. Ketheric Template. Reaching out up to 6 feet from the body, this layer of the aura holds all the knowledge and experience your soul has accumulated over lifetimes and represents universal consciousness and oneness. Linked with the Crown chakra.

These layers taken together are what we call your aura. The way these layers interact with each other produces aura colors.

We can interpret them by their hue and positioning in which tier they occur and explore the meanings behind them.

How Do Aura Colours Work?

Each layer of your aura has a color. Some layers hold no hue or white, while others can change depending on your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical state.

Taken independently, you can see what was out of balance within your subtle body, therefore identifying problems for you to fix.

Unfortunately, the aura must be taken as a whole because each of the layers interacts with the others.

For instance, negative energy usually accumulates in the Etheric Body (first layer), but when it does all of the layers take on a muddier appearance.

With experience viewing auras, you start to get a feeling for the interplay between your aura layers.

The dominant color in your aura describes your dominant energies. It’s from this that we can tell you the meaning of your aura, by taking into account the energy types that create your particular aura color.

Does Everyone Have An Aura? Do Animals?

Not only does every person have an aura, but every living thing has one!

Human auras are far more complex than animal auras, but the ideas are the same.

Humans are spiritually more complex, accessing, and using more of their subtle body than animals do.

Animals tend to have an aura that matches their animal instincts, with strong Root chakra links.

Some animals have more complex auras than others. Great apes have complex ones, as do dolphins and some monkeys.

These guys have the same or similar brain wave as us. We say this to you so that you can see a pattern here.Aura Color Meaning - Many different auras

How To See Your Aura Colour

It takes practice to see auras, but pretty much anyone can do it!

Grab a friend and follow these steps to develop your ability to see aura colors:

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Step 1: Develop Your Senses

Before you can start seeing auras, it is an excellent idea to improve your senses as they need to get used to tuning into auric energy.

Stand near your friend and close your eyes. Take in a deep breath and as you exhale try to feel the energy in the room.

How does it feel? Anxious? Tense? Joyful? Building your intuition in this way will help you to get a firm grasp on someone’s energy as you search for the aura.

Step 2: Attune Your Peripheral Vision

Spend some time using your peripheral vision. Peripheral vision is not open to our usual visual and mental focus and judgment about what our brain fills in for us.

To see that outside our vision space, we have to clear our mind, no analysis, try and see what is there for what it is. All the time, looking without looking.

Have your friend hold up words on a piece of paper in your peripheral vision, and see if you can get accurate at reading them.

Step 3: Seeing Your First Aura (Aura color Meaning)

You are ready to start seeing auras! Get your friend to stand about a foot and a half in front of a blank, preferably white wall at least 6 feet away from you.

Have them stand still. Concentrate your vision on the wall behind, a few inches from their shoulder or side.

Concentrate until you can see a bright, thin neon light around them, conforming to the shape of their body, or even just their head.

Once you can see that, ask them to move from side to side – the aura should move with them.

If it does, then congratulations! You have just seen your first aura.

Here is the link to see the meaning of each aura color.

Your first aura reading will be useless as you will only see a small fraction of their light beam.

With practice and experience, as well as knowledge about auras and aura science, your powers of deciphering the meaning of aura colors will only grow.

In time you may be able to see the colors. A person’s aura can change rapidly, and not many take the time needed to develop the skill.

Most people rely on using a Kirlian Camera, as they want a picture, a record of the hue they generate and give back to The Universe.

We include this super cool link, to what we believe is a legit aura guru, check it out it will blow your mind.

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