The brown aura meaning is different from the definition of other aura colors.

While other colors are indicative of personality and energy levels, this type of energy field is more about the state of the person.

Just like with black or grey, brown in your aura is a sign of a build-up of negative energy.

In the case of Browns, this usually comes from external forces that have put them in a bad situation that they do not know how to respond.

The number one problem is insecurity.

Insecurity can have many roots, including having an unstable childhood, a history of homelessness, unreliable family and friends, and unfaithful ex-partners.

Insecurity takes hold at the Root chakra, which deals with issues surrounding survival and base needs.

The Root chakra is one of the most influential energy centers as it is one of our two primary connections to Source – the Crown chakra is the other.

What this means is Browns are often undergoing many issues related to their insecurities.

As the negative energy flows up through the subtle body, causing problems in other areas of their life.

A lack of direction and confusion about purpose are key problems that show up, both fed by a wrong way of dealing with life.

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Brown Aura Materialism

The primary way most Browns address their insecurity is through materialism.

A lack of security often causes people to concentrate on money and financial matters.

By putting aside the less immediate considerations (in their eyes) of mental and spiritual health.

Now, this isn’t always a terrible thing. If you lose your job and are on the edge of ruin, it is a good idea to concentrate on money.

Finding a new income and getting your life back on track is essential here.

But once it is no longer a problem, many Browns continue with their materialistic motivations to their detriment.

The immediate problem might quick fix this way, but to rid yourself of this dark aura you need to address the more complex issues with longer-term solutions.

Cleansing Brown Aura

If you or someone you care about has this color aura, it needs cleansing.

There are many ways you can do that, so working out the best way for you can be a bit of trial and error.

Some techniques resonate more with some than others.

Here are some useful techniques for cleansing negative energy from your aura:

  • Chakra healing meditation – Concentrate on the Root chakra to clear feelings of insecurity and instability.
  • Positive thinking exercises – By concentrating on the good things in your life, you can manifest more for the future.
  • Develop a support system – For some, this means seeking the services of a healer, for others, this means friends and family. Either way, you need to stop thinking that you can only rely on yourself.
  • Fill the void with light – Doing good deeds, acting in the interests of your community, and being there for the people you love are all great ways to replace negative energy with a positive light.
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Remember, if you have this aura and are reading this then you have already done the hard part of realizing you are in a bad place and need help.

Continue on this path, and you will be back to your best self, with a sparkling field of energy around you that speaks to your strengths and personality, rather than of your woes.

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