Your aura is a window into your spiritual, emotional and mental state at a given time, expressing this as a colour or series of colours within your energy field.

Unlike other auras, the black aura is an entirely negative sign.

But having a black aura doesn’t mean you are bad or evil. Your natural aura is not black – it is being masked by negative energy.

You Are Not Your Black Aura

If you have a black aura, it doesn’t mean that you are a terrible person. If you see someone with a black aura, they are not to be “avoided at all costs”.

Instead, a black aura indicates someone who is very troubled and going through a difficult time.

Negative energy builds up in your aura, and if you don’t clear it, and it continues to build, your aura will turn black.

It’s a little bit like being clammy when you’re ill. You appear pale and sweaty, but that’s not because you’re a pale and sweaty person!

Your black aura will only last as long as you let it, so you need to do something about it right now.

Causes Of A Black Aura

Black auras, unlike other aura colours, don’t describe personality traits or inherent values. Instead, a black aura masks your natural aura in negative energy.

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If there is enough negative energy in your aura for it to appear black, then either you have been absorbing negative energy for far too long, or the problems causing negative energy to build up are either numerous or severe.

Grief, hatred, anger, loss, stress and low self-esteem are the most common root causes of a black aura.

Physical illness can also play a part, as those who are very sick often lack the strength to rid themselves of negative energy.

Unfortunately, the causes of negative energy are usually outside of our control.

However, sometimes there are steps we can take to prevent being exposed to this level of negative energy in the future.

Cleansing Your Black Aura

There are no shortcuts to cleansing a black aura, no matter what anybody tells you. It is caused by problems that won’t directly go away on their own.

You need to reconcile with the source of your negative energy emotionally.

If you are experiencing grief, this means coming to terms with your loss.

That isn’t something that you should be doing on your own, so reach out to your loved ones for support and consider seeking professional help in dealing with grief.

While dealing with the source of energy, you should also be cleansing the negative energy present in your aura.

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Keep a meditation schedule to help to find your inner balance. You should also look after your physical health, so make a conscious effort to eat more healthily and be more active.

The unfortunate thing about negative energy is that it breeds more negative energy if left unattended.

So take a proactive approach. Don’t let your black aura define you – and remember that it is temporary.

Soon enough, you will have cleansed your black aura and overcome this difficult period in your life.

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