When your aura goes aqua, it will be because you have just been through a traumatic or difficult phase in your life.

And you have  the rare aqua aura show, as you emerged on the other side with positive feelings.

However, your body, mind and spirit need to recharge and find balance.

Your aqua aura is a symbol of your current transition, as you achieve inner peace and serenity as a survivor and expand your wisdom and emotional senses.

The Survivor’s Aura

Aqua is a reasonably rare aura colour because it only appears during specific periods of our lives.

When you go through a stressful period and face difficulties, your aura will tend to darker colours like brown, black and deep reds.

As you work through this stage of your life, your aura will clear and turn an aqua colour – marking the beginning of your healing from your trauma.

You are achieving inner peace and serenity by allowing your body, mind and soul to take a well-needed rest.

Recharging is essential, and you should avoid stress and conflict until you have correctly healed from the difficulties you have survived.


The aqua aura is all about transition.

Between the significant events in our lives, we have quiet moments to reflect, and this is a time when your aura may turn aqua in colour.

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Learning from difficult experiences requires a bit more time than learning from positive ones, but the lessons you learn are often far more impactful.

Adversity makes you stronger, but only if you have the opportunity to recover before facing more of it.

You need a moment of inner peace, and with so much going on in your life that can be difficult.

But an aqua aura generally means that you feel good about where you are right now, which is an important step towards finding that inner peace.

Emotional Awareness

During the time in which you have an aqua aura, you will find that you have heightened emotional senses.

Sences high on alert allows you to be more in tune with the emotional states of others and can better judge how they are feeling.

Vitally, you also have a greater power to understand why they are feeling that way.

With the wisdom that comes from being a survivor, along with heightened emotional awareness, you are in a position to help others deal with their problems.

Your advice comes from a spiritual place, deriving from the inner peace of your aqua aura.

But it also comes from a practical place, speaking to your experience with the same emotions.

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It also comes from being a good listener. As your emotional senses gain power, you find yourself listening more than you speak.

Taking this approach may seem like it would result in you giving less advice, and just being a shoulder to cry on.

But in reality, listening more can make the fewer things you do say far more insightful and useful for the other person.

And by helping others to overcome their difficulties, you will help to restore the balance within yourself and achieve true serenity.

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