Twin Flame anger is just like every other emotion within this special karmic relationship – blown out of all proportions.

While everybody can get angry with their partner from time to time, when this happens between Twin Flames, it tends to be a much bigger deal.

It is one of the reasons this relationship is notorious for being so tumultuous and challenging.

Amped up anger in itself is not a problem as you will always find a way to make up eventually.

After all, your feelings of forgiveness are blown out of all proportions, too.

But there are some problems caused by anger between you that will not just heal themselves, and you should be aware of the root cause and what you can do about it.

Playing it by ear just won’t cut it when this much is on the line.

Twin Flame Anger Feedback Loop

The key thing to know here is that you are connected for eternity to each other through your spiritual connection.

With your energies being the same due to the underlying soul pattern or “blueprint,” you will be in a constant state of sharing that energy.

It means that your feelings, emotions, and thoughts show up in your partner.

This isn’t like in traditional relationships where your partner is picking up on energy that you are putting out.

Rather, you are cutting out the middleman and just sharing energy directly, which is far more potent in many different ways.

The energy relationship is what makes it feel so different, and in many ways, it is what makes it worthwhile.

However, it can also lead to feedback loops when negative emotions come into play.

When you feel angry towards your Twin Flame, the negative energy of that emotion transfers to them.

Your Twin Flame will find themselves suddenly on edge, not knowing why but they will get angry about it.

They feel hostile towards you for putting this on them, which is transferred to you – thus restarting the cycle.

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This can all happen without you consciously realising it.

In fact, that is often how it happens, and this is the most dangerous and pervasive type of problem across all relationships.

Problems can often simmer in the background, and this only breeds negative energy. Within this relationship that can be particularly hurtful and difficult.

Twin Flame Anger During Separation

During Separation, there will be a lot of resentment flowing between you.

Chasers are often surprised at these feelings that they feel towards their Runner because that type of negative emotion is not usually associated with this type of relationship.

The internet is littered with posts from Chasers asking if there is something wrong with them for feeling this way.

There isn’t, of course. It’s entirely normal and natural for you to feel anger towards them at this time. After all, you’re only human.

But it isn’t good – negative emotions rarely are.

The problem is that just because you are not physically with each other, it doesn’t mean that you are not having an effect on each other all of the time.

Energy continues to flow between you, so when you feel this way towards them, they will feel it too.

It is no good for one straightforward reason – they need support, not to be pushed by your emotional needs.

If you are feeling anger towards your Twin Flame, then you should switch perspective for a moment.

Rather than your feeling is a result of them treating you poorly, you should think of it as an emotion caused by your internal issues.

You choose how you react to things, and when you respond with anger, you are expressing a low vibrational emotion.

Dealing With Twin Flame Anger

When it comes to dealing with these problems, the answer will have to come from you.

However, there are plenty of ways you can try to address your anger and turn it into something healthy and positive.

Anger is usually associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, though it can be associated with any chakra except the Crown depending on the root cause of it.

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In the case of Separation, the Solar Plexus is the most likely source of your emotions because it has to do with personal power.

When you have a Runner, you feel powerless to do anything about it, and this can cause problems in this chakra.

In all likelihood, it will be an over-activation of the energy center, rather than a blockage.

Try some chakra healing meditation and focus on your Solar Plexus.

Bring it into balance by allowing the energy to slow and calm down.

Maintaining inner peace and emotional stability is key to the success of this type of meditation, so ensure that your aura is cleared before trying it.

If you are together, it can be a little more challenging to pin down the issue.

The most effective solution to anger in any relationship is often talking it out.

Simply communicating your feelings can deal with the power they hold over you.

Anger is most dangerous when it bubbles under the surface, not being acknowledged by anyone until one day it bursts out at the smallest thing – the straw that broke the camel’s back.

When you are in a difficult place like this, it can be hard to connect in this way because one or both of you are unwilling to lose face and sit down first.

This doesn’t matter in the Twin Flame relationship, so you should always be willing to make the first move towards dealing with these problems.

As soon as you do you are on the road to recovery.

And that would be the opportune moment to reflect on the anger you have become enslaved to, and the steps you took to rid yourself of those shackles.

It is a valuable lesson along the road to enlightenment – a destination that looms ever closer.

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