The spiritual awakening stages and symptoms are well studied.

They have been taught and discussed for centuries across numerous different cultures.

There are actually more than the four stages we have listed here – each stage could be broken into a few shorter, more specific stages.

However, we prefer the more general stages because they are consistent with the experiences of more people.

Not every smaller sub-stage happens for everyone, but everybody will go through the four general stages.

Are you preparing for your spiritual awakening?

Learn about these important stages and ready yourself for the challenges that lie ahead.

Spiritual Awakening Stage 1: Awakening Begins

Unenlightened Being

At the beginning of your journey, you are in an unenlightened state.

We are all born in this state, anchored to the physical plane with one foot in the astral.

The potential that each of us holds inside our souls is incredible, but it remains locked until awakening.

The Kundalini, which holds the cosmic energy inside of you, coils around the Root chakra at the base of the spine.

Your energy stays at a low vibration, keeping your concerns mostly in the physical world.

Life at a low vibration is dominated by food, money, anxiety, and material things.

You Change Or Something Breaks You

The humdrum of existing as a physical being eats up every minute of the day and spirituality barely factors into it beyond any lip service you might pay to family beliefs.

Almost everybody lives this way well into their twenties, and most people don’t progress from this stage at all.

But for those who put in the spiritual practice or go through trauma or grief, this stage comes to an end.

It begins with a sense of difference. You know that something within you is changing.

You Kundalini is unfurling, ready to begin its journey.

And suddenly you feel the undeniable urge to discover the meaning of your existence.

Spiritual Awakening Stage 2: Healing

Feels Like You Are New Again

Awakening has begun, and there are some massive growing pains.

Common symptoms that occur at this point include anxiety, depression, mood swings, skin conditions, muscle pain, joint pain, and spiritual flu.

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The physical aches and pains are the 3D signals the ascent of the Kundalini as it unfurls from the Root chakra and begins its climb through the chakra system.

With each increase in vibration, it moves up a little, but this process is not automatic.

The Kundalini that climes up your spine, and it is called the Healing stage because that is most of what you will be doing.

Each of your chakras remains dormant until they are activated.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t function, but they function at such low energy that it can barely be detected.

For all intents and purposes, they are blocked.

Unblocking What Blocks You

During the healing stage, you need to be working through your chakras one by one and activating them, clearing the blockages that prevent your Kundalini from rising.

You can do this using chakra healing meditation, which involves focused meditation on each of your chakras to address the challenges held within them.

Your journey through this stage will be unique in that everybody has different problems found within each of their energy centers.

For instance, some people struggle with trauma-related to survival, perhaps because of childhood instability.

These people will have a lot of trouble with their lower chakras but may have a better chance with their upper chakras.

Each of the chakras brings up different sets of symptoms.

When you experience symptoms that are otherwise unexplained you should look up our various chakra guides to see which chakra might be the culprit.

Acidential Chakra Activation

In your fervor to unblock your energy centers, you will likely end up over-activating some of them.

This also leads to a variety of symptoms depending on where the over-activation is – and also requires healing through meditation.

This stage can last a lifetime, or it can end very quickly. It all depends on the work you put in.

Once your subtle body system is in balance, you will enter the next stage – where you will harness the power you have unlocked.

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Spiritual Awakening Stage 3: Search For Purpose

Finding Your Dharma

This stage is often referred to as the Search For Purpose because it is characterized by a drive to have an effect on the world.

Finding purpose in life is impossible before this point.

Even those who think they have found a purpose usually find a different one when they reach this stage as the things that mattered before cease to matter.

With your subtle body system clear and activated you will have a clarity of mind that you have never experienced before.

Your purpose will become clear to you in time.

Out Of Your Comfort Zone

But this is also a process that will require meditation – though meditation alone will not cut it.

In order to move through this stage, you have to do more practical things in pursuit of enlightenment.

It is on you to discover your purpose, and it will take a lot of trial and error.

Common symptoms during this stage are a drive to try new things, restlessness within relationships, an urge to find a new job or occupation and deep introversion.

These will help you to find your true path, though it could take a lifetime to realize it.

Spiritual Awakening Stage 4: Balance In 3D

Finding Your Soul!

But over time you will come to know your purpose. It could come through interactions with a master or guru.

It could come through meditation and seclusion. It could come through philanthropy and charity work.

It will come, and it will change your life. You will have a renewed energy to get up and get after every day as if it is your last.

With your soul mission clear to you your awakening is complete.

But your journey does not stop here. There are further awakenings to go through with each one taking you to a higher dimension of consciousness.

The symptoms of reaching this final stage are a sense of inner peace and balance, high control over emotions, clear thinking, unbiased judgment and relief from illnesses of the body and mind.

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