Connecting with someone and sharing love, respect and compassion is a privilege not many people get the chance to experience.

After you feel that instant spark with someone, it dies off if you don’t imbue your relationship with healthy practices, such as respect, compassion and empathy.

To sustain relationships, and live a life full of satisfaction, it is necessary that we profoundly understand the dynamics of relationships, and implement certain measures to ensure their longevity.

The secret to forming healthy relationships is in the following guidelines.

Love is not just about accepting flaws and imperfections. It’s about embracing them and making the other person feel loved for them.

Everyone can overlook certain deficiencies in another person, but in love, you have to celebrate these differences and imperfections to make a relationship worthwhile indeed.

It’s essential that we don’t detract from humanity because if we value humanity, we’ll never lose important attributes necessary to love the other person.

Never care about what others have to say about your relationship. Disregard their criticism because only your perspective matters when it comes to love.

As long as you’re happy in a relationship, it doesn’t matter if someone says that you aren’t worthy of love or your partner is not a suitable match for you.

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They don’t feel what you both feel, and they don’t see how you see each other.

Never destroy a relationship because others don’t approve of it. You do not love the other person to get acceptance from the world.

You should embed that thought inside your mind, to kill misunderstandings in their wake.

Communication holds paramount importance in healthy relationships. Every therapist stresses on its importance because if you’re not communicating with each other, you’re practically distancing yourself from the other person even if you live in the same room.

Your minds will lose that psychic connection because you refuse to share your fears, insecurities, love and other thoughts.

Even if you think that sharing won’t help you in any way, speak up because sometimes your mind doesn’t know what remedies can cure it.

Trust me, if you’re communicating with your partner and listening to what they have to say, the love between you will only intensify in the coming years.

Preserve your individuality. Don’t settle down in a relationship. It halts your spiritual and emotional growth.

Most couples think that if the other person loves them for who they are, they no longer need to challenge themselves and evolve.

This behaviour only serves to instil boredom and dullness in a person. Always pursue your dreams, ambitions and discover new horizons.

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Love is meant to turn you into a better version of yourself, not stunt your mental growth.

Plant the seeds of trust in your relationship and water them every day. Never let its foundations weaken over time. If you have any misunderstandings or conflicts, clear them out.

Couples who are intent on forming healthy relationships always resolve their problems before sleeping so that they can start the next day afresh and anew.