The Number 48, in spiritual terms, has highly positive connotations.

Spiritual wisdom passed on from centuries of meditation and enlightenment claims that the number 48 is auspicious. It spells great news for all kinds of relationships, whether they are romantic or platonic.

Will this relationship thrive? only if you believe

If you’ve recently met someone, and the number 48 has been making rounds, this newfound love has an immense possibility of rooting itself firmly for many years to come.

Believe in its ability to stand firm in the most violent of storms and the universe will reward you for your strong convictions.

Sometimes, the number 48 also appears before us to help us strike a balance between the seesaw of love and work.

It stresses us to divert our attention to more important things in our life? Namely, love. People have a knack for taking love for granted.

As time passes by, the desire to climb up the ladder of superficial success deepens, whereas the emotional resolve to nurture the tree of love diminishes.

And that’s where the number 48 steps in and cautions us to atone for our misgivings and return to our old, righteous ways.Number 48 Meaning - Meaning and Symbolism

Number 48: The Universe’s Version of Tough Love

In a way, the universe is making you reevaluate the worth of your life. It’s staring into your eyes like a hawk, and amidst a pinching silence, asking you, “What is it that you hold dearer love or money?”

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Sometimes, when there’s no one to ask us the hard questions, the universe takes responsibility.

A number of Infinite possibilities

One of the things that the number 48 symbolises is limitlessness. The universe held back the human mind, never put constraints on it. But our doubts cuff us and hold us captive. They destroy our ability to reach the heights of spiritual greatness.

At times like these, this number opens your eyes to the limitless and ubiquitous beauty that lives within you. All you have to do is tap into it. You have the keys to an infinite universe inside of you. It’s time you use them.

The number 48 encourages you to pursue your life’s purpose with optimism and tenacity. That’s the only way life is supposed to be lived.

Wasting your positive energy on cynicism and other negative practices is like depriving yourself of the many gifts of life.

A Propeller of Love

Introverts are most likely to come across the number 48. A number of intrinsic traits make them a viable target.

For one, they are shy and reserved, hesitant to find true love. They are comfortably cooped up in their rooms, with their eyes glued to their virtual BS.

Such people miss out on a lot. The universe doesn’t want them to. So it sends numerical signals that permeate their lives like shockwaves. The universe knows that these brick walls of human beings have a lot of potential for love.

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They have abandonment or trust issues that have them reeling to their dark caves.

The Number 48 encourages them. It sends many opportunities their way to link and talk and dance and find love.

And the universe is persistent. It’s not forcing you. It’s merely coaxing you. And at some point, you are bound to surrender to its subtle designs. We all do. There’s no shame in it.