The number 755 crowds every nook and corner of our world. You wake up, and the clock strikes 7:55. You visit your neighbour’s home, which is coincidentally numbered 755.

If this number is appearing in your life way more often that it is supposed to, then it has significance for you. You should strive to find its meaning.

Here are some possible interpretations.

Embrace Your Empathic Side

The mystic powers of 7 have paramount importance. Maybe you have empathic tendencies that haven’t been used to their full. An Empath is someone who is a lightworker ― someone who feels deeply for the sorrow of all beings on earth.

If an opportunity to join an NGO presents itself, embrace it unquestioningly. Did someone approach you to share their problems? Listen to them intently.

This is your opportunity to bring out the true empath in you. Don’t let it go to waste. The universe doesn’t want you to. Assurance that you are edging closer to your life’s mission

The universe sends us secret messages by way of numerical codes. 755 is one such code. It is an assurance from the universal source that you are on the path of humanity and you shouldn’t step away from it. Trust the goodness in your heart.

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It has led you to good things in the past and will continue to do so.

Don’t allow the hate and deprecation of others to bog down your efforts. Sure, doubts plague us all, but the power to ignore them and tread on with confidence also rests within us. All we have to do is use it.

Physical Improvement

This number also tells us that in the imminent future, we are going to reach our physical goals. You might have had plans to get physically fit.

Now is the time to act on these plans. You will get the results you are hoping for.

Dawn of New friendships

You are radiating such positive energy that it’s attracting all the right people in your life.

Now, it’s in your hands to not turn them down. Revel in this exciting phase of your life instead of spilling its generous gifts. Good people are hard to come by, remember that.

Number 755 and Love

One thing that this number symbolises is love. Its repeated occurrences are telling you that love is headed your way. It’s up to you to let it walk by you or accept it.

Don’t be afraid of starting a new relationship. You might have trust issues and insecurities because of negative experiences in the past, but it’s all going to change for you this time.

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However, choose your partner wisely. Don’t just become completely irrational and open doors for manipulative people who are bound to do your more harm than good.

You’ve always known how to judge people. There’s a voice inside of you that acts a lie detector. Use it to your advantage.