If you find yourself asking the “where is this relationship going” question, about someone, you don’t need to sit around waiting for an answer.

Especially when you see the number 56 follows you everywhere. The Universe is answering that question for you.

Number 56 is the ultimate relationship number. Family, friends, relatives, lovers, ex-lovers, colleagues and whoever else you think you have had a past relationship with or are currently having in.

This number has a lot to say to you regarding these relationships.

The Number 5

The number 5 is the fire, the lion, the ruler. Its force is in itself the stigmata.

It represents qualities of independence, endurance, wisdom, sexuality, recklessness, rebelliousness, multi-talent, free thinking and competitiveness.

5’s are pretty good at making bold, difficult choices in life that would otherwise be hard for someone else to decide.

They learn very fast from those choices and the mistakes thereof. Even with all of life’s misery, 5 is the positive light amidst that misery.

The Number 6

Number 6 is a very dynamic number as it occurs at the vibrational level, which contains energies of love, nurturance and protection.

Maternal, archetypal instincts, are present in an individual regardless of whether they are a male or a female, young or old.

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Number 6 is the Universe telling you to care for yourself first if you wish to do the same for others.

Those inner gifts you are trying to suppress the need to be expressed because they can very well be the shelter others need from their internal storms.

General Meaning Behind 56

If you see a storm, try to be its calm instead of shying away from it.

You never know what sort of fragile creature sits amidst it.

The number 56 is that small voice you wish to hear now and then, the voice that tells you that this one won’t break your heart like the others did, that this one is worth it.

56 In A Twin Flame Relationship

If you’re arguing in a fast-moving vehicle with your twin flame and see route 56 written on the highway billboard.

The Universe has just asked you to remind yourself of what matters, to stop arguing about things that don’t matter.

If you’re sitting in a restaurant, your mind wandering as you have trust issues about your twin flame’s loyalty and commitment to this relationship.

While you are thinking about this issue, the number 56 pops up on the restaurant bill.

You can be sure it’s the Universe voicing faith in your twin flame relationship.

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The sense of security you seek in your twin flame relationship lies in resolving conflicting past issues and misunderstandings, and the number 56 is a reminder to address and fix them.

56 needs the driving force in your twin flame relationship to manifest its power.

That driving force comes from you and your twin flame not giving up on each other, on trying out different ways to make each other’s lives easier, happier.