The number 47 has always fascinated me.

When I was approaching my 25th birthday, I began to see it everywhere random houses that I just happened to catch a glimpse of were “coincidentally” numbered 47, or the highway that I was cruising on was “mysteriously” on Route 47.

Like the majority, I wasn’t going to shrug my shoulders and discard this stream of numerological coincidences as mere irregularities.

My intuition knew that this number was a message, a divine calling from the universal source, intimating the arrival of a significant event in my life. And when I dug deep and tried to excavate the secrets of this code, I finally stumbled upon the truth.

A History of How I found the Truth about the Meaning of the Number 47

I want to provide some backhand information before I delve into the subject at hand.

Before this number even started to frequent me, I was already experiencing a significant spiritual shift in my life.

I gradually started to release the old, destructive patterns that I found myself heedlessly confined to and replaced them with constructive habits, such as believing in the goodness inside of me, and invested my energy in reading fiction, taking care of my body and other exercises of self-love.

I was truly fed up of waking up every day and religiously following the same dreary loop of depression and anxiety.

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I had no choice but to muster the resolve to make significant amends in my lifestyle. And I did, without fail.

I broke free from abusive lovers and manipulative friends. And my life changed for the better.

Loneliness was no longer crippling. It felt quite serene and liberating. Before, whenever I was alone with myself, I almost always ended up overthinking and complicating the simplest of things.

But now this same loneliness became a means of meditation and liberation from the constant noise of the world.

It is during this time the Number 47 started to appear ubiquitously in my life like an uninvited relative.

How the Number 47 Became a Positive Influence in my life

I understood that it was urging me to stand firm on this path of spiritual enlightenment that I had decided to tread on.

It was the universe’s way of assuring me that I was, in fact, for the first time in my life paving my path for a future of spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual wisdom also claims that the number 47 symbolizes psychic abilities and a higher understanding. And I did notice that. I used to get these strong negative vibes from people, and I used to steer clear of them, trusting in the judgment of my inner voice.

Also, I felt deeply connected to the universe, as if I was in complete harmony with it.

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Due to this alignment with the source energy, I experienced a sudden boom in my own positive energy.

I started to take part in volunteer work, made charitable donations and never let an opportunity to help another human being slip under the rug.

In the past, whenever I used to do a good deed, I always expected a reward in return.

But now, I didn’t care about a petty reward. I did all of this out of utter selflessness.

So, if you start to see the number 47 everywhere, don’t just consider it as an ambiguity. It’s a clear sign from the universe that you should carry on the excellent work and continue to expand your spiritual horizons.