The meaning of number 55 in spirituality is one of personal freedom. Exploration has always been one of the greatest yearnings of the human mind.

The snow-laden mountains of the Himalayas and the lush green forestry of the tropical forests in the Caribbean have always enticed humans to adventure and conquer and marvel at the absolute beauty this world possesses.

But it’s not just about travelling from point A to B with your feet. That defeats the purpose.

Most people travel a lot but spiritually, their whole lives are static, and their minds are stuck and lost. There’s no growth inside.Number 55 Meaning - Explore and Adventure

Explore Within

So the number 55 urges us to explore, not just the world around us, but the sprawling spiritual land within us, too; our fears, insecurities, things that give us joy and things that tug at our heartstrings. Only then will our travelling mean something.

If the beauty of this world doesn’t inspire us to travel the serpentine terrain of our concrete spines or the strings of memory lane in our minds, then it’s all for nothing, all our physical struggle.

The universe knows that new experiences are significant for spiritual growth. That’s why it makes the number 55 appear before us elaborately to signal us into motion.

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Break Free from the dull patterns of your life

In modern times, the number 5 holds even more significance. We spend our days and nights, hypnotised to the virtual trivialities on our screens, scrolling through the same social media redundancies like trained robots. And we sap our growth.

Our capacity to self-love and make strides to interact with others, or other useful habits diminishes.

But there’s always a way out, only if one is willing. And that is what the universe is trying to tell you through the number 55; that don’t lose hope. The universal source will send opportunities your way to help you escape this loop of boredom.

All you have to do is believe in your ability to break free. Just reserve 20 minutes or even 10 minutes of your time to do something new, and if not do, at least think about it. Trust me; it will make a world of difference.

Realise the importance of Self-Healing

Sometimes, we’re so steeped in work that we forget the significance of healing and restoration. Our minds, to function at their optimal rates, need new places to visit and new people to meet.

We need to stoke the curiosity of our minds; otherwise, they’re bound to rust.

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The number 55 is progressive and outward looking. It never symbolises constraint or immobilisation.

Our dull lives are sometimes our own making. And even if they aren’t, we have to believe that they are.

We have to take charge. And we have to take steps to change our attitude. Only then can we indeed become self-independent. Otherwise, we’ll always be left wondering what could’ve been. Resentment is not something you want to hold on to.