Every form of destruction breeds some creativity, whether you realise it or not.

In a world full of people and things busy destroying, creation is desperately needed.

If you are having doubts that perhaps your creativity level isn’t high enough.

Seeing the number 21 is a sign that you are wrong, and that you need to give it a shot.

Core Meaning of 21

The core or basic meaning of the number 21 comes from its essence, which is centred around:

The number 21 holds the strongest power of the number 3 in it, since it boils down to 3, as:

2 + 1 = 3

And the number 3 is all about:

21 In Life

This number denotes a high sense of creative self-expression.

If you are struggling with internal stress factors, find an artistic outlet.

An introspective activity such as painting, or journal writing, helps to cope with that stress.

If you are finding it hard to see meaning in what you are currently spending all your time and effort doing?

Then it is time to try and transform your old belief systems into more relevant ones, ones applicable to your current times.

The past is a rope, and the longer you hold on to it, the deeper in your skin it is going to dig.

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So let go and let things be.

The number 21 is the Universe nudging you in that direction of letting go.

21 In Love

21s are built for life; they know how to keep things interesting, how to keep the fire going.

Where ordinary people would choose things like relationship counselling, 21s would tend to go for something more upbeat.

It works best for 21’s if they do something where they can creatively express themselves.

Relationships are not viewed as a responsibility by 21s, but rather a transformation stage.

One where they can avail every chance to transform themselves into their best version which they can later express creatively and realistically.

21 In Work

If you see the number 21, it is a sign to choose a profession where you don’t have any constraints on being yourself.

You need to be where you will be valued for pouring your self into your art.

21s tend to be artists, cooks, writers, musicians and the like.

They don’t see success as just that, but rather as a playground.

It’s precisely this positive, upbeat and joyous attitude 21s have towards life that gets them where they want.

Because they don’t treat work as work, but just a fun learning experience.

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21 And The Power of Healing

21 contains the essence of 3, which is related to success and the spirit of 1, which is about new beginnings.

The number 2 is associated with relationships and diplomacy.

Together, these elements serve as the main ingredients to heal your spirit.

It’s not just about self-love, but the number 21 is your divine source summoning your spirit’s energy towards the positive spectrum of the universal forces.

You have to use your creativity to heal your wounds, too.

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