Dreaming about dirty water can represent a number of different things.

Dream analysts believe that dreaming of water is indicative of your emotional state, or the quality of your relationships with others.

Dreaming about dirty water may also signify feelings of guilt and shame. However, these are just some possible indications for why you might have been dreaming about dirty water – what does it mean to you?

In this blog post, we will discuss the various interpretations for dreams that involve the many ways you can see dirty water in your dreams and what they can mean.

Dreaming, we all love it but sometimes our dreams turn bad. Dreaming about dirty water is a common symbol and can signify many different things.

Dreaming of polluted or otherwise unclean water may be an indication that you feel out of tune with yourself and are somehow feeling bad or unclean.

Dreaming about murky waters may also represent feelings of confusion and having a lack of clarity in your relationship.

Clean Water Turns Dirty

You suddenly find the fresh clean water you are swimming in has turned bad and brown with murky depths.

This may be a sign of your feelings have changed and you feel trapped, stuck, or unable to move forward in life, it also could represent feelings about being overwhelmed by negative thoughts and fears.

Dreaming you are submerged in clean and then dirty water can suggest that your emotions have been crushed into the dirt and you feel like you can’t breathe or purge yourself of negativity.

Submerged in Dirty Water

You walk into a stagnant pond or body of water and you feel drawn to the darkness underneath.

Dreaming of being submerged in unclean water may indicate feelings of sadness, depression, and hopelessness about life circumstances or your current emotional state.

It means that there is a need for balance. Dreaming about polluted waters symbolizes feeling out of tune with yourself and someone you love.

You Smell the Stench of Dirty Water

Everything is fine but then the odor of dirty water overwhelms you and makes it hard for you to breathe. You feel sick and want to get away as fast as you can.

Dreaming about this may suggest that there is a need to be more aware of your surroundings, feelings, or other people’s needs.

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It also could mean that someone has done something wrong and you are feeling powerless in what they have done since the awful smell permeates everything.

Drinking Dirty Water

You can smell the revolting dirty water you are drinking but you drink it and it tastes like water.

Dreaming this may mean that you are in denial about your current situation or an aspect of it and need to be more honest with yourself and/or someone else.

It may also mean that you are taking the bad treatment someone is dishing out to you but are not happy about being a doormat, and know in your heart that you need to make changes.

Murky Pool Water

You see a murky pool of water and you are unsure if it is safe to swim in.

Dreaming about murky pool water may be a sign that there is an area of your life or relationship that has been neglected, forgotten, or ignored.

You need the cleanest water possible! Dreaming about dirty waters can mean many things but they all have one common theme: needing to identify the problem area in your life and clean it up.

Toxic or Poisonous Water

In our waking life, we would never go too close to toxic or poisonous water. In our dream life, there’s a chance we go near these waters to see what they are like.

Dreaming about toxic or poisonous water may be an indication that you need to pay more attention to your thoughts and feelings in order for them not to seep into the rest of your day.

Dreaming this can also mean that someone has been polluting your mind with lies or hurting your reputation in some way.

Small Bodies of Dirty Water Compared to Large Amounts

The amount of mucky water is a big indication of how severe the emotional problem is.

If it is a small amount then you can be sure that the problem is in its infancy and easy to fix.

If it is a large amount then you know it has been festering for a long time and this emotional issue will take some extra effort to change.

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Falling Into Bad Water

You trip or lose your footing and fall into awful foul water, so what does that mean?

Dreaming about falling into dirty water can mean there is a fear of failure that you are trying to suppress.

Dreaming this may also be symbolic for being overwhelmed with your responsibilities and feeling as though it’s too much, or has gone on too long.

It could represent feelings of betrayal, anger, or sadness towards an event or person in your past.

Spiritual Meaning of Dirty Water in Dreams

What does it mean spiritually when you can not escape the dirty water surrounding you?

It means that the environment you are in is bad for you and it is time to have a good look at how you are living and make adjustments to it.

Maybe the people in your life are toxic and tainting you.

Catching Fish in Bad Water

Fishing is a serene pastime but if you are dreaming that you are catching fish in dirty water, what does that mean?

Dreaming about catching fish in bad water symbolizes the need to be mindful of how you are fishing for things.

You want a good catch but you may be using dangerous methods or end up with an empty rod and no fish caught. Dreaming this could signify trying too hard to make something work.


Dreaming about dirty water can be a symbol for many things, but often it is associated with sickness or insecurity.

If you find yourself dreaming that the water around you is filthy and murky, take some time to think about what may have been going on in your life at the time of this dream.

Was there something happening where you felt vulnerable?

Did someone say something negative to you?

Or maybe just had an argument with a friend?

Most likely these are all signs that whatever was said or done has left an impact on how we feel emotionally and mentally.

Try not to let those feelings linger too long! Instead, try talking them out with someone close who will listen without judgment so they’ll start feeling better again.