Dreaming about a lover can be a sign that you are interested in them, but it can also have other meanings.

Dreaming about your ex-lover could mean the opposite of what it means if you were dreaming of someone else.

Dreaming about your current partner is generally good luck and may even give insight into things they want to do with you in the future.

Dreaming about an unknown person has many possible meanings, some positive and some negative, please read on for more information on this type of dream!

Current Lover Dreams

You are sleeping beside the one you dream about, you wake up to find that your dreams have been very fulfilling.

As you roll over and snuggle up to them, you enjoy the warmth and comfort they provide.

Your lover starts to speak in a soft voice, telling you how much they love you and that every moment spent with you is perfect because it’s just them being able to share their life with someone who loves them totally.

This kind of dream means you are in harmony together, check with them, they may have also had the same dream.

Ex-Lover Dreams

You broke up ages ago, but you keep dreaming about them.

You wake up and feel an emptiness that you can’t explain, why are they in your thoughts and dreams.

Maybe you are happy in your current relationship so why are dreaming about the past?

You might need some time to think things over, and maybe this person may or may not be in your future, either way, there is still a link of some kind.

Sometimes dreaming of an ex can mean you are still romanticizing them and missing what it felt like when they were with you all the time.

Usually, the soul has unfinished business with their soul and you two will again share time together in another life.

Someone You Have Never Met

Maybe the star of your dream is not known to you, maybe it’s someone you haven’t met or are not aware of.

The Dream is actually about an aspect of your personality that wants to be acknowledged and explored, that part of you needs a voice.

You may have been suppressing this part of yourself for too long, what if there was another course of action you need to be taking?

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An unknown person in your dream can symbolize many things, and you might need to do a little research about what the dream means.

An unknown person in your Dream can symbolize many different qualities like power, passion, creativity, beauty, or adventure.

Here are some examples of how an Unknown Person Dream would be interpreted differently by people with those personality traits:

Power. You wish you had more power to speak up for yourself.

Empathy. This is a pure indicator that you need to have more empathy in dealing with others.

Confidence. Something is stopping you from being happy and proud of who you are.

Passionate. You are envious of how other people have so much passion and zeal for all aspects of their lives.

Adventurous. You feel a bit stuck in your routine and this dream is telling you to talk more about risks.

Beauty. The person you were loving in your dream was so beautiful, you wish you looked like them and so you can see that you need to accept and love the way you look and who you are.

Creativity. Wow, this person was almost magical to you by the creativity they expressed, it must be something you feel you need or are lacking.

Famous Lover

Your celebrity crush turns up in your dream and guess what? You are in love with them, hanging out laughing and having the best time together.

It’s not just a one-sided feeling, they feel the same way as you do and this dream is telling you that it might be time to take more risks in your life because if someone like them can fall for you then who knows what else could happen?

Dreaming about being with a famous person means that you desire a more public lifestyle, and know that you are worth more than you have allowed yourself to believe.

Married Lover

The lover in your dream is married, but you are not worried about this because they love you.

You feel so lucky to have found someone who is willing to risk it all with you, and then there’s that person in the background – their husband or wife.

This Dream sounds like a sign from the universe telling you that your relationship has potential for more than just what you have now.

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Should you risk it all or play it safe? It’s up to you to decide, but remember that being with this person makes you feel like there is nothing wrong in the world and everything feels right as rain.

Dreaming about your lover who is married means one of two things: You want them for yourself or you are worried that they will leave you.

The Dream is actually about an aspect of your personality that wants to be acknowledged and explored, that part of you needs a voice.

You may have been suppressing this part of yourself for too long, what if there was another course of action you need to be taking?

Taboo Lover

This kind of dream can be disturbing because it could be a retaliative or someone you know would never be accepted in society for you to be with.

Don’t be too disgusted by this, it is more normal than you think.

It does not mean that you want to be in a passionate relationship with this person it mostly means that you miss them or truly love them in a platonic way.

Also, it may be your soul is showing you a past life connection but you see it in the present day in their present body.


Some extra ideas to explore are what do you think about when dreaming of your lover?

Maybe the sweetest moment, or that time they made you laugh until it hurt.

Perhaps their smile is on your mind and how much joy it brought to your life.

Whatever thoughts come up in these dreams are likely a reflection of what’s going on with you at this point in time.

Is your love life in need of some help? Perhaps it’s time to take a step back and consider what you really want.

Do you dream about someone new every night, or do you find yourself missing the person who left?

Mostly, it is a reflection of what is going on with you, so take the time to think about the feelings running through your dream.

I hope it has given you some insight into dreaming about a lover.