On paper, relationships between Aries and Taurus are woefully mismatched.

However, if you can both exercise patience and self-control long enough to reach compromises, the Aries-Taurus relationship can be great for both of you.

There’s no doubt that there is an attraction between Aries and Taurus, but the things that attract you to each other are going to be your biggest challenges.

Aries & Taurus Live At Different Speeds

The Aries in the relationship is always going at full speed – living life to the full, always wanting to adventure and experiment.

The Taurus prefers a slower pace of living, content to live a leisurely way and in no hurry to get everything over and done.

Deep down, you both know you need the other’s influence to reach a healthy balance. The Aries needs to learn to slow down a little, take a breath and enjoy some peace.

The Taurus also needs to compromise by opening up to spontaneity and living a little more.

As will become a common theme, the key is a compromise.

Money Problems – Spending vs Saving

One key issue in many Aries-Taurus relationships is inevitably money and differing attitudes towards spending it.

Aries love to spend money. What’s the point of having it if you aren’t going to enjoy it?

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An Aries will think nothing of spending money if it means they will enjoy themselves right now.

On the other hand, Taurus prefer to save money. Their enjoyment of it comes from the security it offers, allowing the unburden of financial responsibilities.

This is one of the key points of conflict in most Aries and Taurus relationships – and the key, again, is compromise.

There needs to be a balance between your thrift and your self-indulgence. You need to be able to enjoy the moment while ensuring that you aren’t harming yourself next week.

Intimacy In Aries-Taurus Relationships

Aries and Taurus relationships are gratifying for partners that can put aside their stubbornness and try something a bit different.

While the Aries will love passionate quickies and adventurous trysts, the Taurus will be far more into relaxed, intimacy.

It will take both of you time to adjust.

This adjustment will be easier for the Aries as trying new things is second nature to them, but it will still be an adjustment to learn to enjoy more slow-paced physical bonding.

For the Taurus, this could be a personal awakening. It takes an Aries to unlock the desire for adventure within a Taurus.

Compromise & Stubbornness

It all comes down to compromise. Your differences will make you stronger as a partnership, but it will make it more challenging to keep that partnership together unless you learn to communicate effectively.

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You can’t hold on stubbornly to your way of doing things, because you are both stubborn and if one of you acts persistently you both will.

Instead, you both need to open your minds to new ways of doing things and allow yourself to try life at a different speed.

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