Aries and Gemini relationships are a match made in heaven – even if they can be a bit one-sided sometimes.

There is deep compatibility between Aries and Gemini, though there are areas in which you are both weak and unable to cover for each other.

Although the Aries may appear dominant, done right, the Aries-Gemini relationship can be a real partnership of equals.

Aries Dominate, Gemini Support

Aries are naturally dominant, liking to take charge and make the lion’s share of the decisions.

A Gemini won’t mind that. After all, a Gemini doesn’t need to be dominant – and can enjoy being the submissive partner in the relationship.

This submissive behaviour is because, in the case of Aries and Gemini relationships, the Gemini takes a supporting role, using their intellectual strengths to provide a steady stream of new and exciting ideas.

A Shared Zest For Adventure

Both of you love to try new things and experience everything life has to offer. Neither of you are big on planning for the future, much preferring to live in the here and now.

Having a casual approach leads to harmony in the relation

Sharing similar strengths often means sharing similar weaknesses, leaving your relationship with a blind spot that you need to be conscious about changing.

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The downside is that neither of you can plan far ahead, and this can lead to practical issues that a more balanced relationship might not run into.

Biting the bullet and doing a little bit of long term planning should be enough for the two of you to enjoy the rest of the time being spontaneous.

Romance In Aries-Gemini Relationships

The Aries will likely dominate in the bedroom – and the Gemini will be one hundred percent into that.

Though the Aries might find intimacy with a Gemini to be lacking in the fire and passion they are used to from less compatible partners; they will have someone willing to be adventurous with them.

For the Gemini, you will love the directness of your Aries passion and will find your horizons expanding as you learn more about each other.

Ultimate Verbal Chemistry

Saving the best for last, the thing that makes Aries-Gemini relationships so fulfilling is the verbal and intellectual chemistry between you.

Aries loves a good fight, and Geminis are more than a match for them.

Although Aries dominate conflict with aggression, bluntness and confident expression, Geminis are always ready with just the right words to calm them down – or rile them up!

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Aries-Gemini relationships are a force to be reckoned with when they are correctly functioning.

To keep yours working that way, you need to play to your shared strengths and remain conscious of your shared weaknesses.

Not every moment of your partnership can be a wild ride – but if you work together and do a little bit of legwork, most of them can be.

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