Aries and Cancer relationship can be a match made in heaven or a tumultuous affair, but it will never be boring or straightforward.

These two signs clash on nearly everything, but it is often the case that opposites attract.

If Aries and Cancer can learn to work together, this relationship can shoot for the moon. Otherwise, it could come crashing back to Earth.

Independent Aries & Codependent Cancer

Aries are fiercely independent, hating to be told what they can and cannot do or being pressured into doing something they don’t want to do.

Cancers, on the other hand, have a different view. They like to rely on their partners and be relied upon in return, drawing energy from the give and take.Aries And Cancer Relationship - Having a great time

Both partners need to work to cater to the other’s needs in this regard.

To the Cancer, this will come more quickly as they have a natural tendency to accommodate others.

The Aries will have to work harder to be a reliable partner in a way that doesn’t sacrifice their independence.

Communication Between Aries & Cancer

Communication will be key in any Aries-Cancer relationship as you will be coming from entirely different angles on most topics.

Aries can be a bit blunt, but Cancer doesn’t mind that as it is a good counterbalance for their sensitivity.

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This counterbalance works both ways, as the Cancer can soften the Aries’ edges in sensitive social situations.

Emotionality is an important consideration here. Both are emotional communicators, with Aries expressing their aggressively while Cancer expresses with sensitivity.

This aggression can lead to some brutal arguments.

However, Aries and Cancer can easily make up after a dispute with the honesty of Aries being met by the understanding nature of Cancer.

Both Protective

One area in which Aries and Cancer will vibe perfectly is in loyalty to loved ones.

Both signs are known for being very protective of those they love, making Aries and Cancer a good parenting partnership.

This protective nature can act as an anchor for your relationship, keeping you on the same page.

When you act towards the same goal, it can deepen your relationship and help to counteract areas in which you clash.

Making Aries-Cancer Relationships Work

The key to making an Aries-Cancer relationship work is knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

The relationship flourishes when the Aries can take action while the Cancer supports them from behind the scenes.

Cancer must be sure to allow Aries to be independent and free, not falling into emotional manipulation to keep them close by.

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Aries, meanwhile, must be careful about being too blunt and abrasive with Cancer, as they are not as resilient to insensitive criticism as Aries are.

So while these relationships usually don’t work – after all, it requires a lot of give and take, and this can be a challenge – it is worth giving it a try.

Aries and Cancer relationships can be fulfilling, exciting and profound, as long as they remain balanced.

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